I mean…when you’ve been treated unfairly or done wrong…how can you NOT want some payback? You know? Somebody hurt you! Spread lies about you! Betrayed your trust and deliberately hurt you! WTF??? What did you do to deserve that, you know?

But…is revenge your thing? When it comes to payback, do you actively strike back and make SURE that the people who fucked you over pay for what they’ve done? I mean…shouldn’t they? Do you go seeking revenge? Do you feel that harsh consequences are justified? Do you throw their bullshit right back at them? Why or why not? Let us know your thought process when it comes to revenge. How do you feel about it? Will it really solve anything? Or maybe…it’ll solve everything!

Thoughts? Talk to us! I’d love to hear your take on this! So chime in whenever you get a chance.

“I’m not given to revenge. Vengeance tends to harm all involved, not just its object.” – MrM

“I’m not much of a revenge kind of guy, I can’t remember when the last time I actively sought out to get revenge on someone. Maybe when when I was a kid at school?

But I will be quick to cut someone out of my life if I think I am better off without them in it. Does that count s revenge? I mean, I’m doing it for my benefit, not to hurt them, although I couldn’t give two shakes if it hurts them. If they’ve hurt me, then their feelings don’t concern me.

I can also be stubborn. If someone has upset me, then I’ll close down communication and I won’t open back up again until I’m good an ready. I never used to be like this, I’m just over being used and abused by people I expected better from.

But revenge itself requires a level of commitment and energy I don’t want to waste on someone who’s not been good for me. So I let them go and move on rather than seethe and plot revenge on them.” – Mike

“I used to worry if I took revenge I’d go too far.

As such I always tried to make it seem it didn’t effect me and rise above it.
Was always taught to be the bigger person and if you gave the other person no consideration they would get bored and move along.
Anyway if you play it right they tend to trip themselves up sooner or later.” – Dom

“I used to think so…

I’d come up with revenge plots and think of how satisfying it would be to get back at whoever hurt me.

But now? I don’t. It’s fun to think about, in a “What would you do if you won the lottery” kind of way, but that’s all it is for me these days. I realised that if they didn’t care about me enough to not hurt or betray me, they won’t care about any revenge I send their way.

So I won’t care either. I found it’s much easier and more rewarding to just cut that person out of my life and focus on things that make me happy. Does this mean I can just forgive them and move on? Hell no, but I’m not wasting my time thinking about someone who hurts me this way. I have better things to do.

As far as I’m concerned now, anyone who hurts me that much is dead to me from that moment on, and not worth a second thought, until they become a minor and unpleasant memory.

Though I suppose, if their goal was to see you all miserable, moving on can be a revenge in itself.” – Shadow086

I happen to be from the kill them with kindness rather than the revenge school of life. Just smile at them, say thank you, and walk away. If you really want to seal the deal, just before you walk out the door, turn partially around, smile broadly, wave and then walk out the door without looking back. Never let the person know that they stabbed you to the quick. Whenever, you run into them, just smile at them and then ignore them. – The Story Lover

I’ve spent an awful lot of my childhood being a target at home and in that case, I got revenge in my mind many times over while outwardly I would shut up to try to keep the peace. It made me pretty spiteful and when my father’s drinking and self-abuse finally caught up with him, he had a stroke that took his speech. Then every single demeaning thing he ever said to me became what I would feed back to him for the rest of his life, making me the son from hell until he passed when I was 16. I mean it took a really bad situation to push me down that path and looking back on it, it was wasted energy and I do regret some of it. Some, not all.

As an adult, I’ve done what I can to try to be the peacekeeper, the bridge mender, and even referee when it’s needed between friends or family. Not too many people go out of their way to be an asshole toward me and the ones that have aren’t even on my radar to be honest. Like the subordinate at work that is pissed because they didn’t like being corrected or wanted my job, or whatever. I have no problem standing aside and letting someone burn a ton of energy trying to be spiteful, and then more so when they realize they wasted their time because I let it roll off my back. By nature I’m not a fighter and I am actually fairly good at picking my battles so, if someone needs that slap back to make them stop, I am very capable of providing it. I just REALLY don’t like to. Most of the time if I retaliate, I dislike the person even more so because they forced my hand. – JeffsFort

“If somebody goes out of their way to take advantage or try to mess me up emotionally? Yeah…that can be a harsh blow. Especially if it’s someone that I trusted. I mean, you guys know me already, hehehe…I’ll go to the ends of the earth for the people I care about. I’ll invest as much time and energy as I possibly can to make sure that they’re ok. So, to be betrayed or tossed aside by the very people I tried to embrace and protect…it can really suck sometimes. Such is life. I mean, nobody’s perfect, but there’s an extra, deliberately applied, amount of ‘suckage’ involved in that situation. Like…you have to CHOOSE to screw me over at that point. It’s not a life or death situation where, “Either Comsie can get mauled by the bear, or I have to sacrifice it all in order to ensure my own survive!”

No. You’re just a selfish asshole who tossed me under the bus because it was convenient. And that’s not cool.

But revenge?

You know…there was definitely a time when that would have been my main priority in life from that moment on. But I’ve honestly moved on from that kind of thinking. Weird, right? And I know that we all have a sense and desire for ‘justice’ in our lives…but I find myself just kind of backing away from the whole situation these days, no matter what it may be. Because we all have to pay for the things we do, and karma never loses an address. So I just move on and leave them to deal with that stuff on their own. Once somebody purposely screws me over when I’ve been nothing but a friend to them? We’re done. I’m not holding a grudge, I just do my best to stay away from the bad stuff. And from bad people. Period.

So, no. I’m not big on actively trying to get revenge. It’s a waste of time, and it makes them look like the victim. Nope! Just know that I was willing to be a good friend and a shoulder to cry on whenever you really need one. And now, you fucked that up. The best revenge is to simply remove yourself from somebody else’s life and send them searching for somebody else to take my place. Start from scratch. Good luck. You know?” – Comicality

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