#1 – There are, on average, a DOZEN spiders born every minute, or every day, every year! Chances are…there’s a few of them in the room with you right NOW…reading this over your shoulder! :O

#2 – Due to the complete loss of blood pressure…both of your eyes will deflate and become flat almost immediately after you die!

#3 – While actor, Evan Peters, did an EXCELLENT job of portraying the role of serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer in the new series…he wasn’t the first ‘Avenger’ to do so! While known for many roles, especially his standout role in “American Horror Story”, he also played the character of ‘Quicksilver’ from the Marvel “X-Men” movies! But the first actor to do so, was actually a young Jeremy Renner (Avengers’ ‘Hawkeye’!). Maybe some villains live long enough to become the hero? 😛

#4 – There is a difference between a coffin and a casket and it all has to do with the shape. Coffins are tapered at the bottom and caskets are rectangular.

#5 – The word ‘witch’ comes from the Old English ‘wicce’ which means “wise woman.” In fact, Wiccans were highly respected people at one time, and their spooky potions and cauldrons of evil…are what we call ‘medicine’ today.

#6 – More people die each year worldwide from taking selfies in dangerous places, or simply not paying attention to their surroudings…than they do in deliberate shark attacks!

#7 – There are a growing number of cities in the US that have banned, and will actually FINE teens great deals of money, for Trick Or Treating over the age of 12! Because…ummm…reasons, I guess? Enjoy having your house and car egged and fucked up! Because they can’t drink either! You guys are just bringing it on yourselves, you know? 😛

#8 – The concept of digging a grave six feet deep actually came from the Mayor of London in 1665. It was done during the violent spread of disease during an outbreak of the plague. Attempting to avoid a repeat of the Bubonic plague…which ended up killing over 75 MILLION people! (Geez…and you can’t wear a mask to Walmart???)

#9 – Druid Priests used to create giant fires on Halloween to inspire the sun to return to them after the coming Winter months. During this time, they would often throw cattle bones into the fire. And the word ‘bone fire’, eventually became ‘bonfire’! Ooooh just like the ones they have at Rainbows End! ::Giggles::

#10 – It is still very possible to get an erection, or even multiple erections, after death! Hehehe….that’ll be me. I’m just sure of it. Keep that casket closed, people! >:P

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