Silver Firestorm – “GFD: Family Feud”

It has been a while since we’ve brought in a brand new featured author to the pages of Imagine Magazine, and what better way to start us back off than with ‘Silver Firestorm’, the writer of this month’s new budding series, “GFD: Family Feud”! So let’s give him a big welcome, and find out what’s coming your way from the old ‘dream factory’! Hehehe! 🙂

Comicality – So how long have you been writing fiction? Have you written anything else, or is this your first story?

Silver – The first time I wrote fiction was a looong time ago in elementary school when I got Star Wars hippo toys from Kinder Surprise Eggs. Since then my dream was to become a published author someday. I really picked up writing again in 2011 when I started doing RP on a forum. About a year later I switched the style from action style to proper novel style. After that I never stopped writing anything. Either RP or fanfiction.

Comicality – What are the differences between styles?

Silver – Action style is really simple where you have one line per action or spoken sentence.

*Grabs a bottle from the fridge*

*opens the cap and takes a swig*

“Ah…that’s refreshing.”

For example. It’s a simple style of doing RP. More beginner friendly, you know?
Novel style is what it says. You just write what your character does as an answer to the post before yours. In the case of Family Feud another person would play Jay. So I write Simon’s POV and severely reduce what I do with Jay. It’s not well received if you too another player’s agency away.

Comicality – Seeing as this was influenced by the “Gone From Daylight” story line, I’m curious as to what inspired you to write this series? What were your motivations? And does this directly tie in to “GFD” or does it just exist in the same world?

Silver – The only inspiration for this in particular was a dream I once had of two friends watching some guys do shady stuff from behind some crates and then the person in whose POV I dreamt got sucked into this whole age old feud between two mafia families. If I remember correctly that dream was after I got through all of main GFD at that time. For now I have no idea if it all just exists at the same time or if I want some of the cast to appear in this unnamed city.

Comicality – Do you enjoy playing around with a variety of genres and time periods in your writing? And where do you feel most comfortable, story wise?

Silver – Oh yes, I definitely enjoy trying new stuff. The old RP days are at fault for that.

Kids who escaped from a government facility, that were kept there because they had superpowers in the modern day. Playing a Half-Blood in the Percy Jackson Universe. Making my own fantasy universe or just plain simply going to Hogwarts.

The most comfortable I feel in the modern days while definitely avoiding current day affairs!

Comicality – One thing that I noticed while reading this first chapter was that it seems to take a bit of a different approach to the teen vampire idea. Jay seems to be living pretty well in darkness, and…while he still has issues, Simon’s life isn’t all that tragic. And yet he seems to almost be seduced into the darkness. What caused you to make this choice? i really like it!

Silver – Jay is part of an old vampire mafia family which gives him perks that the main GFD cast doesn’t have like proper bed with a proper room. Even though I don’t know yet with what this group makes money I know that they have a lot of it.
The thing about Simon is that he expects more of his life, not some predetermined path his, almost, absent parents made for him. He followed his parent’s decisions his whole life but he wants to start living his own life, with his own mistakes – that’s why he hates the ornate fence guarding their property.

Comicality – Oooh, the plot thickens! All of the riches and pleasantries of life don’t mean much if you don’t feel fulfilled by it at the end of the night. So (without giving away any spoilers, of course) how do you think it would be possible for Simon to escape the idea of fate and find meaning…even in darkness? It’s a deep philosophical question for the ages, after all.

Silver – Right now Simon is getting seduced by the affection and understanding he receives by Jay. Understandably he will have problems with taking a life, this being also a new kind of fate now has. Unfortunately this answer will be unsatisfactory for the readers. So far I don’t know what meaning Simon will find for himself.

(I’m open to suggestions!)

Comicality – The characters of Emmy, Jay, Simon, Dane, and the housekeeper, Janice, really come to life and feel like an organic part of the story. Have you based any of them or these situations on your personal life or friends that you’ve had?

Silver – I appreciate this question a lot because no, none of these characters ever had a real person as inspiration. Makes me happy that every character can stand on their own!

Comicality – When it comes to creating brand new characters or story plots for your work, do you have any advice or tried and true methods on how to effectively achieve this?

Silver – I have to split this into two parts, so please bear with me, hihi!

Most of the time chapter one flows on its own, meaning I open word and just keep on writing until it’s done. When it comes to further chapters I usually sit on my bed, listen to music, most of the time either without lyrics or Japanese to focus, and then I take a small notebook and my favorite pen. I start with bullet point sentences and build the chapter like that. After I feel like the chapter is done I fluff out everything while transferring those ideas to a word document. What I find really important when writing from one specific POV is remembering that a person has 5 senses which influence their perception of the world!

Characters take even more work! Generally a character begins as one thought in my head. In the case of Simon it was that dream of snooping behind crates. That alone gives me two neutral character traits: adventurous and curious. Next step will be the internet. I open a page with a list of character traits and I search for four to five positive, about two to three neutral and three to four negative traits. When I got my lists full or I am happy with what I got everything goes together in a proper characterization like I learned back in German class.

This way I get a good feeling for the person behind those words. I hope that one makes sense.

Comicality – Besides, obviously, adding more chapters to this brand new series…do you have any future plans for writing more stories in the future? Either in this genre, or in any other?

Silver – I definitely want to see this story finished in the future, I got an idea about the end but there are two things I’ve left without an update for a while now. My slice-of-life story “Fireworks” which can be found on Nifty and my more recent project called “Whisked Away” in part on Nifty and more updated on Tapas. Whisked Away is about a boy who got isekai-ed into a fantasy world after he took a shortcut on the way to his childhood crush’s house. The main character of “Fireworks” isn’t as honest with his feelings at first after getting hit on at the wandering funfair by a guy he doesn’t know.

Comicality – Last, but certainly not least, do you have any email addresses, social media plugs, or websites, that you would like us to link to, both to promote your other stories and to allow some of your new fans to contact you if they feel so inclined to do so?

Silver – People can hit me up on or check out for “Whiskey Away.”

Comicality – Sweet! Well, welcome to the Imagine family, Silver! I’ll be really interested to see what direction you take with this story from here on out! And I hope that you’re new readers will reach out and show you some love! Seezya soon, dude!

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