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This is my second story that came to me due to a dream I had. It will follow a local team from little league all the way to the 2020 Olympics, so hang on for a wild ride. Also, the baseball part will start in chapter three.

Main Character Kyle Hernandez getting ready to pitch after he is found by Rick


Bruce Alverez dad of Sergio: wealth Miamian who is the owner of the Florida Marlins and who is fed up with the quality of schools in South Miami and builds four new schools Hurricane Elementary, Hurricane Middle, Hurricane High and Hurricane University part of the ACC who does not have a baseball team till 2011 when his son’s baseball team comes up.

Coach Sergio Alverez age 40 former US Navy Seal

Mary Hernandez age 40 Mother of Kyle

Jeff Gera age 50 Ricks dad retired Colonel 82nd Airborne

Martha Gera age 40, Ricks mom and good friend of Mary

Daryl Hopkins age 30 dad of gram and Ezra family Psychiatrist

Donna Hopkins 30 mom of gram and Ezra family Psychologist

Players of the South Miami Hurricanes little league team part of Florida District 8 built by Sergio from T-ball to coach pitch to kid pitch lost the 2004 Little league world series to Korea

All the players were born on August 31st 1993 and are age 11 and just finished sixth grade when story begins in June 11th of 2005.

Pitcher Kyle Hernandez moves to South Miami from Fort Bragg North Carolina in June of 2005. Dad was part of the 82nd who was KIA in a mission in Iraq. Kyle is known for his nasty change up and forkball.

Catcher Rick Gera, Kyle’s best friend from Fort Bragg moved to South Miami in 2002 when his dad retired. Joins the South Miami Hurricanes June 8th.

Out fielders the Field triplets Max, Austin, and Jerad

In fielders Gram and Ezra Hopkins twin brothers who play third and short stop parents run a family psychology practice mom is a family psychologist dad is a family psychiatrist

Saul Watson plays second base

Cassian Elder first base

Mark and Kenta Valdez brothers. Mark is a pitch while Kenta is the catcher, they can also play any other positions

Matthew and John Murry brother. John is a Pitcher while Matthew is a catcher, they can also play any other positions

Team USA locker room, Yokohama Stadium Japan 2020 summer Olympics right before opening game

Rick, “Kyle, you ready for this the dream you mentioned back in June of 2005, it will be complete in the next few days.”

Kyle, “You are right Rick, it’s time to go out there and beat these five other teams win another gold.”

Jerad, “You know Kyle, I thought you were crazy too when you came up with this idea. Heck the whole team did. Who would have thought that a bunch of 11-year-olds would be playing baseball together for 15 years?”

Kyle, “You are right all of this started that day in June of 2005

Kyle thinks back to the day in May when he found out his dad was dead, and then that day in June when he moved to a new town and discovered a family.

June 10th 2005, it has been a month since Kyle Hernandez, received news about his dad who died in Iraq by saving his unit by jumping on a grenade. Wanting to get a fresh start Mary decides to move Kyle and her back to her home town of South Miami, Florida, where she buys a house unknowingly next door to the Gera’s who had moved there in 2002.

The next day

June 11th,

Jeff, “Hey Rick, it seems the house next door has been moved into, and I thought I saw a kid your age moving some boxes.”

Rick, “Really! Maybe he is a pitcher and will join the South Miami Hurricanes, since we need a pitcher.”

Martha, “Maybe we should go and say hi?”

Rick, “Great Idea.”

As the family of three go welcome the new neighbors, they noticed hanging in the window a flag with a gold start on it.

Rick, “Um dad doesn’t a gold star represent…?

Jeff, “Yes it does.”

As the three move to knock on the door they hear yelling, inside the house.

Kyle, “I had friends why did we have to move here?”

Mary, “I know it was hard to move but I thought a new place would help you.”

Kyle, “Helping me, you have no idea what I been thinking of this past month getting news about my dad dying, attending his funeral, and now moving here. Away, from my friends.”

Mary, “You will meet new ones here.”

Kyle, “It’s summer mom schools out.”

Mary, “You know, there is a great little league here.”

Kyle, “Yea and the all-star team is probably already made up. So, no chance of me getting on it.”

Kyle, “You know what mom, I am getting on my bike and riding for who knows where.”

Mary, “Wait.”

Suddenly the front door opens and closes hard. The Gera family sees a kid running out the door, wearing an olive drab long sleeve shirt with the emblem of the 82nd Airborne on it wearing an olive drab hat and hopping on a bike.

Jeff, “Was that Kyle?”

Martha, “I think it was.”

Jeff, “Oh boy gold star.”

Rick, “You mean.”

Jeff, “Yep, follow him. He may need a friend right now.”

Rick, “Ok dad.”

Rick, heads back home and grabs his helmet puts it on and rides after Kyle.

Mary, “What am I to do about this boy.”

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

Mary, “Coming.”

Mary opens the door surprised to see her old friends.

Mary, “Jeff, Martha, what are you guys doing here?”

Jeff, “When I retired, we moved here. Also, we heard the conversation.”

Martha, “Sorry about your loss.”

Mary, “It was hard on Kyle. This was Kyle’s dad last deployment before he was moving into the reserve. Kyle, was so looking forward to having his dad as one of his coaches for the little league team that, was going to win it all this year for Fort Bragg.”

Jeff, “Well, I just sent Rick, after Kyle. Let’s hope Rick can get through to him.”

Kyle having just moved into the neighborhood a just the other day has no idea where to go. He sees a sign that says park. He rides his bike towards the park and sees there is a lake near it. He heads towards the lake, parks his bike and just looks out over the lake. Meanwhile, Rick also comes to the same park and realizes how big it is decided to head over to the baseball field to see if he can get some help. Lucky, for him coach Sergio and the rest of the South Miami Hurricanes where on the field at the time practicing.

Rick, “Coach Alverez, guys I need some help.”

Coach Alverez, hearing a voice asking for help, sees Rick riding toward the field.

Sergio, “What’s up Rick?”

Rick, “My friend just moved here from Fort Bragg, he also just lost his dad and just had a heated argument with his mom and just left on his bike.”

Sergio, “Shoot, ok team spread out and find him. Look for a boy about your age. Rick, do you know what color bike he has and what he was wearing?”

Rick, “His bike is Olive drab and he was wearing an olive drab long sleeve shirt with the emblem of the 82nd on it.”

Sergio, “Ok guy’s head out.”

As the team heads out to search for Kyle, one player from the team Gram, sees a boy just sitting by the lake and Gram also notices the bike color. Gram is thinking, how to play this not knowing what thoughts Kyle was thinking and not wanting Kyle do to anything stupid. Gram, approaches Kyle.

Gram, “You new here?”

Kyle, “Sorta just moved in.”

Gram, “What brings you to this lake?”

Kyle, “Had a big fight with mom, just wanted to get away for a bit.”

Gram, “Mind telling me what the fight was about?”

Kyle, “Well, my dad was on his final deployment and I was so happy because when he returned, he would be one of the coaches on our out little league team. We were going to go all the way to the Little League World Series.”

Gram, “So you a baseball player? What was the name of your team?”

Kyle, “The All Americans just like the 82nd Airborne.”

Gram, “You said your dad was, something happened?”

Rick, “He was on patrol with his unit when they came under fire. The unit ducked into a court yard with four walls. No one was paying attention and a grenade was thrown in the middle.”

With tears Kyle continues to the tell story.

Kyle, “The report says he threw his helmet and his body on the grenade. They could not get a medic evca in and he died right there. The medic tried his best.”

Gram, “Sorry to hear that if you want to cry go ahead my dad says crying is the best for the soul.”

Rick, “Would it be weird if I asked you to hug me right now?”

Gram, “It would not be weird just a friend helping a friend.”

As the two are hugging each other, back at Kyle’s home, Jeff has called Daryl and Donna Hopkins who worked in a family psychology practice to see if they could help Mary.

Donna, “From what I heard Kyle may be going through denial and it has not caught up with him.”

Mary, “I know did I do the right thing by moving?”

Donna, “Moving is hard on kids, but maybe over time Kyle will open up. Our son is the best in getting kids to open up.”

Mary, “Really?

Daryl, “I would love to get your son in to have a chat with him one on one.”

Mary, “You think he is crazy?”

Daryl, “No I mean he might have some anger built up.”

Mary, “I see.”
Back at the park after getting the tears out Gram gets back to asking Kyle about his baseball team.

Gram, “So what position do you play?”

Kyle, “Pitcher and I throw a nasty forkball and a change up.”

Gram, “Really well, our team is looking for a new pitcher and you could be it.”

Kyle, “For real, but if we make it to the regional, I may face my old team.”

As the two are talking Rick sees them and joins them

Rick, “Well well what do we have here?”

Hearing a familiar voice, Kyle turns around and sees his best friend.

Kyle, “Rick is that really you?”
Rick, “Yep it is me you had me worried the way you sped out of your house early.”

Kyle jumps up and gives his best friend a hug.

Kyle, “You heard the argument?”

Rick, “Yep also if you were to join the team, I would be your catcher just like before I moved.”

Kyle, “Sounds great.”
As the three boys head towards the field, Rick sends a message to the rest of the team as well as his parents, and lets them know everything is ok. Also, not to expect them home for a few hours. After that the group of three near the baseball field.

Sergio, “So you are Kyle hu. You had us worried.”

Kyle, “Sorry sir.”

Sergio, “It’s ok now, Gram sent me a message saying you are a pitcher, let’s see what you can pitch.”

Ezra, “Coach, let me face him I am the best hitter on this team.

Sergio, “Ok rest of you take the field.”

As the team takes the field, Sergio has Ezra stand in the batter’s box. Rick, goes to the mound to talk to Kyle.

Rick, “Remember the signs for your three pitches? This kid may think he is the best but he has not faced you.”

Kyle, “Yes I do.”

Walking away from Kyle Rick looks back and sees a small smirk on Kyle face. As Rick gets back to behind the batter, he also has a smirk on his face.

As the batter steps into the box, Rick gives the sign. Kyle goes into his motion and throws his forkball. The batter sees, the ball coming right now the middle and starts to swing. As he is swinging, the ball drops, right into Rick’s glove. Sergio, could not believe what he just saw.

Sergio, “What the heck how does an 11-year-old know how to throw a forkball.”

Ezra is shocked with that pitch, thinking what the heck.

Kyle, “I just do, but that is only one of my pitches in my arsenal.”
Sergio, “Let’s see what else you have.”
Rick, gives the sign for the change up, Kyle throws his changeup. Ezra sees the pitch coming down the middle but at the last second the ball moves towards the outside and the batter is swinging at air.

Sergio, “Ok now that is wicked changeup. You have any other pitches?”
Kyle, “Just one more.”
Rick gives the sign for the outside pitch that is right on the line between the strike zone and ball zone. The batter gets set, and sees the pitch is on the outside and does not swing thinking it will be a ball, but the next word he hears is strike three.

Ezra, “What how is that a strike it was on the outside?”
Sergio, “It was on the outside but it was on the border and Kyle have that control is real talent. Ok all, that is all for now. Tomorrow we will have our first real practice and we will be playing a game against the Coral Cables Noles.”

Kyle, “But I do not have a uniform yet?”

Sergio, “Here take this card and have your mom drive you there and tell the owner you are the new pitcher for us. She has the uniform ready just need to add your number.”

Kyle, “OK cool.”

The first step in Kyle healing has begun. I know, I told you all this would be a baseball story. The baseball will be coming in the follow chapters. This was just the start Chapter 2 Picking up the uniform. Hey I love to get feedback so email me at tychorogue@yahoo.com

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