If there is one thing that I have learned over the years of listening to all kinds of music from every corner of the globe, it’s this…

…Teen pop will never ever leave us!

Hehehe, it is as consistent as the changing seasons and the morning sunrise. And why wouldn’t it be? Grab a bunch or talented cuties and put them on a stage with a spotlight…and I’d pretty much stop everything that I’m doing just for the chance to watch them do pretty much anything, to be honest. Lucky for us, the tide always comes rolling back in to bless us with a constant waves of new superstars in the making. And to think…Walker Campbell is just getting started!

Making his way to us from Memphis, Tennessee, Walker Campbell made a very quick rise from the beginning of his music career to where he is now. Evidently, his visible charisma and ‘boy-next-door’ beauty has captured hearts at first glance…and then comes the music. A singer, songwriter, and musician, seems to be rocketing towards the top as more and more fans seem to be catching on to his music and ome out to see him perform.

Quite the bragging right, considering that he’s only thirteen years old.

“So I started in, like, plays, and I really like musicals, and singing there, and then I got a vocal coach, named Bob Westbrook, and then I did a fair that he kinda like put me into and I got to the finals, it was a competition, and then I just kinda like performing and singing for people ever since.” He says, Bob Westbrook being responsible for working with the likes of a young Lucy Hale, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake, when they were first starting out. Maybe he has a sixth sense when it comes to that ‘X Factor’.

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“It’s hard work, it pays off, it’s a lot of fun.” Says the young songwriter, who is now working on completing his sixth original song and just about ready to release an album all on his own. As the youngest artist on the Banner Music label, located in Nashville, Walker has shown a great love for a variety of different kinds of music. Everything from pop, to rock, to country, and more. And he’s also a musician, able to play guitar, the keyboard, and the violin. He’s definitely in tune with his love of music, and it shows.

However, he is still thirteen years old, and tackling school is still a major concern for him and his family. He says that he has to basically ‘earn’ the time he uses to spend on music by keeping his grades up at all times. If his grades begin to slip, his passion will be forced to slip away with it. So he’s going to have to quite a bit of juggling in order to keep himself going strong…but he doesn’t seem to be having any problems with that so far.

And even on top of that, Walker still goes out for acting classes to add that talent to his resume. So, who knows? He might be popping up on the small or even the big screen some day in the future.

More? Hehehe! He’s also quite the athlete, being an avid lacrosse player and a scuba diver! How many hours do youngsters have in a single day? It has to be three times as many as I ever had growing up! Geez!

For now, it seems that Walker Campbell’s main focus is his music, and he really does enjoy writing his own material. Youthful and sweet, his music is mostly centered around his current life and feelings, and you can kind of tell the second you hear it. But he’s also made a number of videos where he covered some of his favorite songs as well…just to showcase some of what he can do. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it all, right?

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Walker’s next big step forward will be at the next Teenstock near the end of the year! A place for the top teen international performers to get together and put on a big show for their fans! Walker says that he really wants to act as a role model to others who have been looking to follow their passions as well, and maybe find the courage and dedication it takes to step out on their own! And he’s been doing this since the third grade, so he would be the one to admire in this arena! Good luck, bud! And we’ll keep an eye out for once you get launched into orbit!

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