I happened to just randomly stumble across these cuties while I was getting myself in the right frame to continue writing chapters of one of my newest ebook exclusive stories, “Popstar” (Coming SOON!!!)…and even though I can’t speak the language at all and can’t find a decent way to get English subtitles to actually absorb what’s going on, it seems to have a similar plot to it. Just ‘straight’. Hehehe, but don’t worry….what I have planned for “Popstar” will be one of those things that are unprecedented for Comsie stories! Still…they beat me to the punch with the idea itself. So major applause for that!

Now, bear with me here, as I had to infer a lot of what was going on with this group of super cute boys! But I believe that they are a real Danish boy band in real life, and they do have music available online for you guys to listen to, as well as fully filmed music videos to go along with them. They sing and dance and perform in front of live audiences all the time. However, I think that a great deal of this is surrounding the TV series itself, which I believe is in its 3rd or 4th season.

If I have any of this wrong, please let me know! Hehehe, maybe my Danish isn’t as good or well practiced as it should be, I guess. ::Giggles:: Don’t you judge me! LOL! I TRIED ok? Geez! You folks are so damned demanding sometimes!

The technical, studio released, description of the show is…“Oliver, Emil, AJ and Mikkel are best friends. The boys spend all of their free time in the basement of Mikkeli’s grandfather’s house, where they have their own play cave. However, one day things go badly, and the boys’ wifi router breaks down. The four are frantically thinking about where to get the money for a new one, and then Oliver has a flash. There is a cash prize in the school band competition! Suddenly, they discover that they are Denmark’s most popular boy band BaseBoys! In the second season of the series, after various events, the girl band, Gold Girls begins to compete with the BaseBoys for who can sell more GunPowder energy drink, as the winning band gets to go to the United States and start living a real life of stardom. Fierce competition puts both friendship and love to the test.”

Hehehe, ummmm…ok! I’m in! Where do I sign up!

Besides…you already had me at ‘four cute boys’. So, let’s be honest…I’m gonna find a way to watch it regardless. Just being honest. So this is a story about a teen pop band that is coming-of-age and trying to deal with instant fame while still trying to hold on to the friendship that they have and struggle through these new feelings of love and attraction at the same time. I mean, how this hasn’t been a show already here in the States is blowing my mind. Hell…it’s one of the main reasons that I started writing my own. Damn you Denmark and your awesome ideas! ::Shakes Fist::

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From what I can tell, the show is mostly built around the breakout star and fan favorite, Bastian Lars Andreasen, who is still making new, highly contagious, pop songs as he heads towards his 18th birthday. Hehehe, not quite there yet, though. He plays the role of main character of ‘Emil’, a teen boy who is bullied and made fun of because of his asthma, and ends up forming a boyband with his best friends, played by Vigga Rohweder, Tobias Buro, and Morgan Batchelor. It’s like…if Justin Bieber was the main character of the “Wonder Years”, I think!

I’ll have to check it out to see for sure, but you get the gist of what I’m saying, right? Got it? Good! 😛

Now, as for my story “Popstar” (Again…coming SOON!), it has a similar premise, but will be very different in its presentation, and it’s tied to another few stories which will all be ebooks themselves. It was a HUGE headache, trying to find ways to weave them all in together, but I think you guys will LOVE it when it’s all finished! Hopefully by Summer of 2023! I’m pretty far into it at this point, and it’s going to surprise a lot of you die hard Shackers out there! But…no more spoilers until then!

Let’s just say that I’ll be working my special brand of magic on these stories, and while difficult…if I can keep everything right and consistent in my head…it’s going to be a work of art! Hehehe! Seezya then!

To Bastian and his very cute squad of beautiful boy singers…we wish you all the best! Make music, have fun, create more seasons of “Baseboys” for us to go crazy searching for…and just enjoy life! K? We’ll be watching! Some of us might faint or reach for a towel to wipe the drool from our lips…but watching, regardless! Love you all! And make us proud! You’re welcome in the States ANYTIME you wanna visit! Hehehe! Come on over! We’ll have a movie night or something! 🙂
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