Disclaimer: At no time past, present, or future have the modulated frequencies used for communication within certain subrealms of the multiverse been observed to have been produced by the above subject. At no time have primitive markings also used as communication been observed which may be attributed to same. Investigative research into the multiverse catalogue has determined that the product known as ‘Com-Doms’ is not, has not, and will not be available in any currently known or possibly created location where objects are traded to gain ownership of other objects. If such an option was to distort the multiversal continuum, it should be noted that attempted use as other than instructed may lead to interspecies offspring, unplanned protein transfer, friction burns, furry palms, loss of eyesight, and / or unplanned growth of additional appendages. In rare cases, incurable flavor addiction may occur. Ingestion of items similar to this product has led to suffocation, constipation, and anal balloons.
Disclaimer Courtesy of: ACFan


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