#1 – While somewhat controversial at the time, it was the famed writer of the ‘Lil’ Abner’ comic strip that first introduced the world to the idea of a Sadie Hawkins Dance…where the girls were allowed to ask the boys out, instead of the other way around. The day is stated to be November 15th, when the comic was released. But the actual date is simply the first Saturday of the month of November.

#2 – The first pumpkin pies were actually WHOLE BAKED PUMPKINS stuffed with assorted spices and apples! Like…a whole damn pumpkin! Jesus! Well…I guess you had to do something with that thing from Halloween!

#3 – I took a script writing course in my sophomore year in college, and my very first project was to take a book’s short story and write it as though it could be a movie. Hehehe, my first script was a very dark re-telling of the Charlie Brown story where he was in love with the little red head girl! (::Giggles:: Yes, I have always been borderline insane! Do you think it started with YOU guys?)

#4 – While turkeys may make a variety of different sounds as birds…only male turkeys ‘gobble’ with the sound that you might be familiar with. And, apparently….they only do it as a ‘mating call’! So if a male turkey gobbles at you…clench your butt cheeks! Hehehe, or open them up! I don’t know your life. LOL!

#5 – When asked about why they would ‘allow’ transgender people or drag queens to read stories to teens in libraries around the country…they replied, “We would rather be excluded for who we include, than be included for we you exclude. And that will proudly be our message going forward.” Well said.

#6 – November 19th is a national holiday to celebrate the discovery of Puerto Rico here in the US. And, YES…Puerto Rico is officially a part of the United States! Funny how some of our most prominent politicians don’t even realize that. Sighhhh…

#7 – You can actually tell a turkey’s emotions by their heads…which can actually change colors! That is…freaky! LOL! Apparently, turkey’s can change their head colors from red to blue to white, depending on how excited or how calm they are. I wonder what color they are now…with Thanksgiving right around the corner! :O

#8 – Lined up in a row, you can actually fit ALL of the planets in our entire solar system in the space between the Earth and the Moon! :O

#9 – George H W Bush was the very first person who pardoned a turkey on Thanksgiving, and he did so to honor the wishes of the son of Abraham Lincoln, who MANY years earlier begged his father to spare the bird for their Christmas dinner, allowing it to live like the rest of God’s creatures.

#10 – The first day of November is actually ‘Cook For You Pets’ day! So…ummmm…I don’t know what you would cook for you pets, specifically…but don’t let them down! Make them a steak or some seasoned salmon or something! I don’t know! LOL!

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