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After getting the card, both Kyle and Rick head back to Kyle’s house. As they are ridding back, they get caught up with what’s been going on the past three years. After parking the bikes at the side of the house. They enter the house; they see five adults.

Mary, “Kyle, I would like to introduce to Daryl and Donna Hopkins, they run a family psychology practice.”

Kyle, “You think I am crazy do to one argument?”

Mary, “No but they might be able to help you give you someone new to talk to about your dad’s death and anything else that bothers you?”

Kyle, “Well, I am already feeling better. When I went to the park, I met another kid who listen to me.”

Mary, “What was his name?”

Kyle, “Gram.”

Donna, “Oh yea that’s our son helping kids when they need help.”

Mary, “You also said you had other news?”

Kyle, “Yes I am now the pitcher for the South Miami Hurricanes little league team and Rick is my catcher.”

Mary, “Awesome but you need a uniform and stuff.”

Kyle, “The coach gave me this card for this shop all we need to do is go and pick it up and have them write what number I want and my name.”

Mary, “Really?”

Donna, “Yes Coach Sergio, had three new uniforms made and already paid for all they needed is a name and number.”

Kyle, “I need to go today.”

Mary, “Why?”

Kyle, “We have a practice game tomorrow.”

Mary, “I see.”

Rick, “You know the shop is only three miles from here we could ride our backs there and back.”

Mary, “Really now?’

Kyle, “Why not mom I would be hanging out with Rick and getting exercise.”

Mary, “I do not know.”

Jeff, “Mary this area you moved into was recently built and it is safe. Sides, we let Rick ride to school on his bike.”

Mary, “Ok, but Kyle follow Rick. Also, if you want to eat out put in on my card.”

After thanking is mom, Kyle goes to his room grabs his baseball pack back that has room for two bat heads out with Rick to the Uniform shop.

Rick, “This is so fun, I thought next time I would see you would be as enemies on the baseball field.”

Kyle, “I know right I felt sad about moving but now that I have a new family I am getting better.”

Rick, “New family? Oh, you mean the team.”

Kyle, “Yep.”

As the two boys are ridding, they notice up ahead several other boys on bikes. As the near they see it is the rest of the team. After linking up with the team all nine of the boy’s head to the uniform shop. Little League Uniform Shop and supplies owned by Samantha Alverez. As Samantha is walking around her store the bell rings letting her know she as some customers.

Samantha, “Hi welcome to Little League Uniforms how can I help you?”

Kyle, “Coach Alverez sent me here to pick up a uniform?”

Samantha, “Oh you must be one of the five new players. What’s your last name and what number you want so I can add it to your three uniforms?”

Kyle, “Two I thought it was just one?”

Samantha, “A home team uniform, visiting team uniform, and travel uniform.”

Kyle, “Last name is Hernandez and number 82nd.”

Samantha, “82, I never heard of that number before?”

Kyle it is to honor my dad who was part of the 82nd Airborne Division.”

Samantha, “Sorry for your loss.”

Kyle, “It is. Do you sell bats here as well?

Samantha, “Yes we do. But I know my brother supplies bats for the team.”

Kyle, “Well I would like a custom bat if you make them.”

Samantha, “Well we do have a different variety of bats in different colors that have no designs on them only the labels that mark them. You have a design in mind?”

Kyle, “Shows her the picture of the emblem of the 82nd Airborne, also do you have the bat in olive drab?”

Samantha, “Well now I think I can do that.”

Kyle, “How much for that.”

Samantha, “For you nothing, it’s the least I can do for you.”

Kyle, “Thank you.”

As they are talking Rick and the rest of the team enter the store.

Samantha, “Well what brings my brothers team into my shop today?”

Ezra, “We are here supporting our new member Kyle and just want to look around.”

Samantha, “Well, I have to go to the back to get everything ready for Kyle. Fill free to head to the back to the batting cages, and have some fun it will be at least an hour.”

Kyle, “Ok.”

As the team heads to the cages, Rick asks Kyle if he wants to practice his pitches.

Kyle, “Sure why not need to hone them down some.”

Ezra, “Hone them, they are deadly already I know I am the best but you caught me off guard.”

Max, “You know practice makes perfect sides, I want to see them again, I was in the outfield and could not see them that well.”

As the team is doing their warmup, Sergio walks into the shop.

Sergio, “Hey sister you around?”

Samantha, “In the back bro working on some stuff.”

Sergio walks to the back room.

Sergio, “You know if a kid came in here?”

Samantha, “You mean your new pitcher he came in here as well as the whole team.”

Sergio, “The whole team and where are they now?”

Samantha, “In the cages.”

Sergio, “Thanks sis, also what’s with the olive drab bat?”

Samantha, “Doing a custom design, going to have it say 82nd ABD down the bat with 82nd emblem at the end.”

Sergio, “How much I will pay for it.”

Samantha, “I am doing for free, seeing how sad that boy looked when I asked him what number. He said 82 in honor of his father. It’s the least I can do for the son of someone who made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Sergio, “Well I better head to the cages to make sure the team is behaving. Oh, one other thing if four boys come in, they are my other pitchers and catchers.”

Samantha, “You know your team is one of the best behaved. What are their names Mark and Kenta Valdez, John and Matthew Murry.”

Samantha, “Ok.”

As Sergio walks back to the cages, he hears the noise of boys. As he nears, he sees that most of the team is behind one of the cages while Kyle and Rick are in the cage.

Sergio, “Well now I thought I have you guys the rest of the day off?”

Austin, “Oh hi coach well we were when he saw Rick and Kyle heading to your sister shop and we came in and just went from there.”

Sergio, “I see, well anyway carry on.”

Jerad, “You not going to stay around?”

Sergio, “No need I have things I need to do also.”

After about an hour Samantha heads back to the batting cages do show the bat to the Kids.

Samantha, “Which one of you are Kyle?”

Kyle Looks up and raises his hand.

Samantha, “Here is the bat.”

The bat is olive drab with the 82nd AD followed by the emblem.

For Reference here is an adult slow-pitch soft ball bat painted olive drab. Instead of the B-52 it says 82nd ABD. Instead of the picture of a girl it has the emblem of the 82nd Airborne. Also, the bat is a kids baseball bat

Kyle, “This looks so sweet and awesome.”

Samantha, “This one is for you and I made another one for display.”

Kyle, “For display, the bat was too nice not to have one for display in your house.”

Kyle is so moved that he starts crying. Seeing this Rick heads on over and hugs him.

Kyle, “Thanks rick.”

Samantha, “Also you uniform is ready.”

Samantha brings out the uniform. The Front says South Miami Hurricanes on the back is Kyle last name with the number 82 with the emblemed of the 82nd right beneath the 82.

Kyle, “This is so nice.”
Samantha, “There is a bathroom in the back if you want to change into your uniform so we can see how it looks.”

Kyle, “Ok.”

Kyle heads back to the bathroom, and comes out three minutes later Kyle comes wearing the new uniform and the team is shocked on how well he looks in it, after that Kyle, heads back to change into his regular cloths. After changing back Kyle carefully puts all three uniforms into his baseball backpack along with the two bats in the bat pocket.

Kyle, “Thank you Miss. Samantha for the bats.”

Samantha, “No problem.”

Jerad, “Ok how about McDonalds guys.”

All reply sounds good. So, the gang of nine head out to the local McDonalds.

After the team left two cars pull in and four kids exit the cars

Samantha, “High welcome Little League Uniform how can I help you?”

John, “My brother and I were told to come here to get our uniforms.”

Samantha, “You must be John and the person besides you must be Matthew.”

Matthew, “You got it.”

Samantha, “What number do you two want?”

John, “16”

Matthew, “17”

Samantha, “OK no problem.”

After that two more kids enter the shop

Samantha, “Ah you two must be Mark and Kenta.”

Kenta, “Yep.”
Samantha, “What number do you two want?”

Kenta, “56”

Mark “45”

Samantha, “OK no problem.”

After eating at McDonalds, Kyle and Rick head home.

Kyle, “Mom I am home.”

Mary, “Welcome home son.”

Upon seeing her son Mary sees the two bats.

Mary, “Did you buy two bats?”

Kyle, “No mom I told the lady what number I told her and then asked if she did custom bats and she said yes, I told her what I wanted but she said no charge.”

Mary, “Why two though?”
Kyle, “One for me to use and one for display.”

Kyle takes out the bat and shows his mom

Mary, “Wow so beautiful.”

After eating dinner, Kyle heads to his room to get ready for bed. Kyle falls asleep instantly.

The next day, Kyle wakes up and after eating breakfast, changes into his home team uniform, grabs his baseball pack back and loads up in his car with his mom and heads to the ball field. After arriving at the ball field Kyle joins the team.

After shaking hands and the singing the national anthem the South Miami Hurricanes take the field.

As he heads to the pitcher mound, Rick, comes right up to him.

Rick, “Remember Kyle, let me lead and remember the number for the pitches.

Kyle, “I know but there are two other pitchers on the team.”

Rick, “I know the coach recruited them to bring the team to 13 players. He did not want you to have to go a whole tournament pitching.”

Umpire, play ball.

Rick heads back to the catcher position and gives Kyle the sign for the outside fast ball. Kyle winds up for the pitch and throws. The Noles batter sees the ball and does not swing thinking it will be a ball the next sound that is heard is strike one. The batter is shocked to hear that. Rick, smirks if he likes that then he will love this. Rick gives the sign for the forkball. Kyle throws, the forkball, the noles batter sees the ball and starts swinging as he is swinging the ball drops right before him and the Umpire calls strike two. The Noles batter is shocked by that pitch and is thinking of protecting the plate. The coach for the noles, also notices the pitch and seems not to recognize what type of pitch it was.  Rick gives Kyle the sign for the changeup. Kyle throws the changeup and the next sound is strike three. The next two batters go down as well. As the game moves on the score is still Noles 10 Canes 7. Bottom of the seventh, it is bases loaded and 2 out and stepping up to the plate his Kyle.

Sergio, “Remember, Kyle line drive up any side line will tie the game for us.”

As Kyle steps in the batter’s box the umpire calls time.

Umpire, “Can I see your bat to make sure it is official?”

Kyle, “Ok”

The umpire looks at the bat, sees the official logos and hands the bat to Kyle. Kyle step back into the batter’s box. The First pitch is thrown and it is outside for ball 1. The next pitches comes and it is strike. Several more pitches come it was now 2-3 full count. Final pitch is thrown, the ball is coming right down the middle the next sound that is heard is a ping. The ball is flying flying it is gone a walk off grand slam down the third baseline. After the game the noles coach is thinking what type of pitch that was. As he is thinking, one of his former players who now plays for the Florida Marlins shows up.

Rocky, “Hey coach how you doing?”

Noles, Coach, “Rocky been following your nice career you have going.”

Rocky, “Thanks coach also, I caught this game. What I want to know is how an 11-year-old can throw a forkball.”

Noles Coach, “Forkball?”

Rocky, “Yep it is a deadly pitch if used right and from what I saw that kid just did not learn it overnight.”

Noles Coach, “Humm well, I will look out for it for now.”

Rocky, “Also, they recommend that growing kids should not throw it but I saw he threw it every nine/ten pitches.”

Noles, “Coach, yep you right. Thanks, Rocky, for letting me know.”

Rocky, “No Problem.”

Later, that day, Rick and Kyle deiced to ride their bikes to Mathenson Hamocks Park just to see the sunset. They arrive just after the sun went down; the view was breath taking. Photo of the sun set

Kyle, “You know we do not have views like this, in North Carolina.”

Rick, “I agree this is kind of nice.”

Kyle, “I am so happy I am on a team and we will win Williamsport. We will when it this year and next year.”

Rick, “That seems like a tall order.”

Kyle, “Not really, we can do it heck. With this group I see us playing together through highschool, college, minors, and the majors, heck I bet we are still together for a several World Base Ball Classic as well as in the Olympics one day.”

Rick, “Really? You think all of us will stay together?”

Kyle, “Why not.”

Rick, “Ok ok we will see. It’s too dark to ride back.”

Kyle, “I agree. I will call my mom to come and pick us up.”

Kyle calls his mom and 10 minutes later she arrives and the boys head back to Kyle’s house for a sleepover.

Well, chapter two was supposed be about the road to the Little League World Series. Well as they say stories take a turn. Chapter three Road to the Little League World Series District and Section tournaments.





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