Can I just start off by saying that Tenz is a really cute name?

Hehehe, it IS!!! It’s like…uniquely adorable. Which fits this young model and actor perfectly as he rises up through the ranks and builds a rather impressive career for himself. And it makes him more than worthy of a spot as one of Imagine Magazine’s cutest centerfold boys, for being beautiful both inside and out! So welcome to the club, angel! Happy to have you join the party! 🙂

Anyway, to be only thirteen years old, Tenz seems to have a whole lot going on at once, and I can’t help but to marvel at the fact that he can balance it all. Honestly…when I was in Junior High School…all I could do was try to manage my work for junior High School! MAYBE some fun times with my friends, and an hour or two of Nintendo! That was it! And I had to sneak around my parents to even pull THAT off! This kid has an entire career to juggle alongside his homework! And that’s not all!

Tenz Mccall is also a swimmer, plays soccer, plays baseball, plays chess, does some surfing, does some martial arts, dance, runs track…what the HELL, man??? He’s a literal Jack of all trades, and I know that boys his age have a lot of energy…but JESUS!

Slow down a little bit! Hehehe, I’m exhausted just reading about the many talents he has! That’s crazy! But…still kinda cute! 😛

Born in Southern California (Now living in Encino), Tenz has a rather impressive acting resume in the works. Not only with a number of commercial ads for Samsung, Infiniti, and Liberty Mutual, but also some film and TV series work that has elevated him to a whole new level. Including voice work for the animated series, “Scoob!”, a role on “Shameless”, “12 Days Of Christmas”, and soon to be featured in the Mark Wahlberg led movie, “Stu”, in the near future! So he’s definitely moving up in the world, and that’s awesome, because it means we get to see his beauty more and more often!

There wn’t be any complaints over here! Hehehe! You can be sure of that!

Tenz has been acting since he was only 4 months old, but didn’t get his bit break until he was called to do a skit on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk show, along with Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s Dr. Strange! And from there…everything was guaranteed to come up roses from there!

Bilingual, speaking both English and French fluently, Tenz began to show his passion for acting when he was only two years old, quoting lines from the movie ‘Star Wars’ from memory over dinner. I mean…how can you ignore that as a parent? That’s not a thing that most toddlers are able to pull off, unrehearsed! That’s a talent that needs to be nurtured and cultivated into something special. And Tenz seems to be right on point with the encouragement he’s been given to pursue his talents to their fullest potential.

“I have always known that I wanted to be an actor. I am a huge ‘Star Wars’ fan and the moment I saw Darth Vader, I knew I wanted to be an actor. Darth Vader is the kind of character that you never forget. That is what I want to create. I also really like telling stories and as an actor, we are storytellers. I do stop motion videos and I get to tell stories that way too. When I watch movies, I study reactions.” Mccall says. “I wish someone would have told me how this is a lifetime journey. I always thought if I could just book a big film maybe It would be easier to get films after that. It is not true for me at least. I still work really hard and films do not come easy no matter who you have worked with.”

Hang in there, dude. It’ll happen. Just stick with it! You never know when that magic role will pop up and make you a household name!

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Welcome to the centerfold club, Tenz! So happy to have you here to join a growing collection of some of the cutest boys on the planet! Hehehe! Keep going strong, and we’ll be looking to support you in all that you do in the future, cutie! Stay beautiful, and find some time to just relax and have some fun, will ya??? Hahaha! Geez! Don’t get overwhelmed! We wanna see more of you! ((Hugz))

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