This is a made-up story.

It, was week before Christmas, and author Tycho Celchu was working on his latest story when there is a knock on his door. Tycho opens the door and standing before him his nephews eight-year-old Mark and twelve-year-old, Matthew

Tycho, “Matthew, Mark what our you two doing here?”

Matthew, “We are on the run.”

Tycho, “Oh why?”

Mark, “Three months ago we got word that our dad was shot down over Afghanistan. The navy did tell us they would keep us updated, but after a month, they said it he maybe dead, but will list him as Missing In Action. We were staying with Grandma and Grandpa, but the local CPS thought they were too old to watch us after they found out about dad being shot down.”

Tycho, “So CPS took you two away from your guardians, and put you in a foster home for three months?”
Mark, “Yep, but the home was close to you so we decided to run away from that home and come here to be with you.”

Tycho, “If you guys have been close to me for three months how come you did not come to me sooner?”

Matthew, “The CPS worker told the foster home to make sure we were not seen by you.”

Tycho, “So if I get this right, CPS took you from my mom and dad put you in a home near me with orders for the home to keep you hidden from me?”

Mark, “Yep.”

Tycho, “Well get in here.”

Mark, “What if CPS shows up here?

Tycho, “Do not worry my mom and dad called me and I got in touched with a lawyer if they show up here, they will have a thing coming to them.”

As the two are talking there is another knock on the door.

Tycho, “Who is it?”

CPS case worker Mary.

Tycho opens the door.

Tycho, “Hi Mary how can I help you tonight?”

Mary, “Two words Matthew and Mark are they here.”

Tycho, “How would you know they are here?”

Mary, “Please you’re their uncle where else would the run off too.”

Tycho, “If you are referring to my two nephews who you illegal took away from their guardians.  Put them in a foster home after receiving news that their dad was missing in action. Then yes, they are here and I will not be giving them too you.”

Mary, “You know I could bring the police back with me.”

Tycho, “Yea I would love to see that but first read this court document.”

The documents read Tycho is the legal guarding of Matthew and Mark by order of Family Court Judge, Judge Luke.

Mary, “But how?”

Tycho, “Simple, once you took the kids away from my mom and dad, they called me I got in touched with my lawyer went to court, and was able to get a court order appointment me as their Guardian. Also, I started to search for them, but your office kept giving me the run around, they show up here and I find out you told the foster to not let me see them. Now get off my lawn before, I have my lawyer sue your department and get a judge to look into your office. Also, if I see anyone from your office near me, I will call the cops and have them arrest. You have been warned.”

Mary, “Ok ok I am going.”

Meanwhile in Afghanistan, Captain Matthew Celchu for the past three has been with a local group of the Northern Alliance. The area he was shot down over was what the US called no man’s land. This group, agreed to help Matthew as long as he provides advice to them. After three months, they took him to a road that is very heavily used by NATO forces. As Matthew is walking, he notices a Humvee off in the distances. He walks towards the Humvee. On board the Humvee is a British SAS team.

SAS force gunner, “Hey sarge, movement up ahead.”

Sargent, “Heads on a swivel guy this could be trouble.”

As the Humvee moves closer the gunner notices the outfit the guy is wearing is that of a tattered US Navy flight suite.

Matthew, “Am I sure glad to see you guys.”

Sargent, “What in bloody hell you doing way out here?”

Matthew I was shot down a three months ago.”

Sargent, “You been out here in area for three months how you survived this long?
Matthew, “Not easy, but lucky for me after two weeks on the run, I ran into some people from the northern alliance.

Sargent, “How come they not with you now?”

Matthew, “They only agreed to get me close to a road where there is a heavy NATO military vehicle, coming and going.”

After linking up with the Humvee they head back to the nearest NATO base where Matthew is looked over before being flown by Helicopter to the nearest NATO airfield and from there he was on a C-5 that was heading towards Homestead Airforce Base. As he lands it’s Christmas Eve and he finds out from a friend that his sons along with his brother and parents are having Christmas Eve dinner at Denny’s, he decides to have a welcome home surprise. Before heading there, he calls the Denny’s asked them if they could do something for him. They manger on duty agrees. As Tycho along with his mom and dad and his nephews are eating dinner at Denny’s, a lone figure wearing the outfit of a US Navy fighter pilots walks through the door. Tycho along with his party are shocked as they see his brother coming through door. Both Matthew and Mark run into the embrace of their dad’s arm. After that an announcement comes over the speaker. Ladies and Gentlemen he has been missing in action for the past three month, and we are Happy to Welcome back Captain Matthew Celchu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The whole place starts Chanting USA USA USA USA USA USA.

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