Mentoring Brandon


“I don’t think we need to go through what we did in October, do you?” I asked. He shook his head no. “It’s just I wanted to bring back a memory for us,” he said as he got up and we made our way back to the locker room.

We both dressed, and being very hungry decided to go to Luigi’s and complete what we started back in our own new suite. We made sure all was locked and walked, hand in hand to our favorite, well only open, restaurant.


As we arrived at Luigi’s we noticed that there were some friends, new friends, already there having something to eat. Jerry and Jake were at a booth near the back of the restaurant and when they saw us, waved, and invited us to join them. As Brandon and I made our way back to them, a few
friends said hello and we stopped to talk a little with each.

Jake and Jerry were on each side of the table so Brandon and I just took a seat next to them. Sitting next to Jake, I looked over toward him. He smiled at me, knowing that I knew all about him. His smile was infectious I will admit. He was a very good looking guy which didn’t go unnoticed to Brandon either. He kicked me and I turned to him, gave him a snide look, then smiled.

“So, you two are getting to know each other,” Brandon said.

“Oh yea,” Jerry replied. “Jake has been telling me about his home and things. Hey Bob, I hear you met my brother?”

“Oh, Jeff,” I replied. “Sure did! We shared a ride home and then we all sat together back here. He seems like a great guy, Jerry.”

“He told me at the wedding, yea,” Jerry continued.

“Did you guys have fun at the wedding?”

“Actually, it was a typical wedding, all the pomp and stuff. Actually, I was pretty bored,” he added.

Both Brandon and I laughed, knowing what he meant by that. Most weddings, especially for guys our age were just that, boring and not a lot of fun. Many times the adults expected us to just go along with things which we realized and did the best we could.

As we talked, the waitress brought the pizza that Jake and Jerry ordered and took our drink order. As we started to place our pizza order, Jerry just said that we should share, since neither he nor Jake were really that hungry. Since Brandon and I were in a hurry to get back to our new suite, we agreed and just got something to drink.

“I have to pee,” Jake offered. I stood up to let him go and as he passed me he asked, in a whisper, for me to join him. I said I had to as well and we both made our way to the bathroom.

When we got into the small bathroom and locked the door (it wasn’t a typical restaurant bathroom, only having one toilet and a sink), Jake turned to me. “Do you think that Jerry knows about why I’m here and about me, Bob?”

“Not unless you told him, Jake,” was all I said.

“He’s a nice guy, but I get the feeling he knows something.”

“Well Jake, I know Jerry pretty well and I don’t think he does and even if he did, I don’t think that he would be bothered. Just don’t do anything that would freak him out, though, all right?”

“You mean like come on to him?”

“Exactly Jake! Can I ask you something though?”

“Bob, you know about me and don’t seem to be bothered that I’m queer and I need someone — which he emphasized – to talk to.”

“Did you or do you have a boyfriend?”

“Well, Bob, actually I have only been with one guy in my life and only once,” he said with somewhat of a sad tone. “He had a feeling about me and wanted me to blow him, so I did and then he told everyone. That is what caused all the problem.”

I was shocked. “That’s all that happened, and everyone thinks that your queer?” I said quite upset. “Damn, Jake, then half of the guys in any school are queer,” I emphasized.

“Bob, I enjoyed it and I realized that I did. I’m definitely more interested in guys than girls.”

“Hey, why don’t you pee if you have to and we better get back, Jake, or those two will wonder what is taking so long.”

Jake turned toward the toilet, unzipped and took out his cock and started to pee. I turned away, but not before taking a look. He wasn’t well endowed at all, I remember thinking, but still is cute as hell. I shook off that thought and looked away. When he was finished, he washed his hands and we left.

“Jake, why don’t you come on over to our room when we get back and we can talk more if you want,” I said as we walked toward the table. He shook his head in agreement as we made it back to the table.

As we were in the bathroom, Brandon and Jerry were talking.

“You know, he seems like a cool guy,” Jerry started.

“Seems like it,” Brandon replied, not adding any more.

“Brandon, can I ask you a question?”

My love shook his head yes.

“You know we’ve been friends for a while and I feel I can ask you anything. So please, just hear me out and listen before you answer.”

“Sure Jerry, you know you can.”

“What’s going on with you and Bob? There are rumors around that you guys are more than just friends. I really could care less, I think you know that but please be careful, will you. If they are true you guys could be in for some real shit.”

“Rumors?” Brandon replied.

“Well you guys are always together and now you get that suite and all along with Dave and Tom. Some guys think you all are fooling around which of course I think most of the guys here at CBS do, to be honest. But just be careful!”

Brandon wasn’t shocked. He expected some rumors to start as did I. He was, however, a bit curious about the comment Jerry made about most of the guys at school fooling around. “Well, what happens in our suite is up to us, and I can assure you the four of us are not that way,” Brandon replied. “But, Jerry, what do you mean most of the guys at school are fooling around? Is that something you know for a fact?”

“Well, actually I know a little, yes,” Jerry continued. “It is pretty common that roommates here do jack off together, which is that type of thing, isn’t it?”

Inwardly, there was a sigh of relief. “Well, I guess that is happening. I know that Keith and I did masturbate together a couple of times, but that was all it was. Hey, that’s part of an all-boys school, isn’t it?”

“Yea, it is. I know that Steve and I did too a couple of times because we were both so horny. But that is all.” Jerry emphasized.

“Hey Jerry, that is pretty common, although not many would admit to it, I’m sure. I’m just glad you did to me when I did to you.” They both smiled at each other as they saw us coming back to the table.

“Did you miss us?” I slyly asked.

“Yea, like the clap,” Brandon kidded.

As Jake sat down I couldn’t help to notice a bit of a bulge in his crotch. Not that I didn’t as well, but I think I hid it better. Looking at Brandon, I assumed not as well as I thought. From that point on we just had some small talk, ate our pizza, paid, and headed back to the dorm.

As we got to our rooms I heard Jake say something to Jerry and then headed toward our suite. Brandon and I went in to see Dave and Tom sitting there, naked as jay-birds. I turned to stop Jake from entering, but he was already in the room, staring at our two suite-mates.

Fortunately Dave and Tom were not doing anything inappropriate. They both grabbed towels that they had next to them and covered themselves up. I turned to Jake. “Just like the locker-room,” I smiled. He smiled too and didn’t say anything about what he saw.

“Can we finish what we were talking about?” Jake spoke up.

I told him yes and headed for our room. Brandon naturally followed us. I looked at Jake to see if he objected and he just smiled indicating he was fine with Brandon being with us as we talked.

Jake started. “Brandon, I have to tell you something, unless of course you already know?” Brandon had a confused look on his face and Jake took that as a reply that Brandon had no idea what he was talking about. “Bob knows, Brandon, but I’m gonna tell you and maybe the two of you can help me.”

He hadn’t looked around the room yet, but as he was talking noticed the two beds together. Brandon saw he recognized it and had a look of horror on his face.

“Bran, don’t worry, let Jake talk and then you’ll know why,” I interjected.

Jake explained what the coach had told me and what he had said while we were at Luigi’s. Brandon relaxed, realizing then that Jake would have no problem if we told him about us, but wasn’t going to say anything for sure.

When Jake explained that he was labeled queer just because of one blow job, Brandon reacted as I did earlier. He told him that if he were queer, most guys were and that just giving a guy head didn’t necessarily make him queer.

“Oh, Brandon, I am,” Jake told him. “I enjoyed it and to be honest have wanted that to happen for a long time. I just didn’t think the guy that I did it with would spread it all over school. I took a lot of shit so my parents decided I needed to change school.”

Jake finally finished and both Brandon and I stood there waiting for him to continue. Finally, he asked, “Why are those beds like that?”

“To give us more room,” I said, but not too convincingly I gathered by his reaction.

Brandon walked over to Jake and put his arm around him. “Jake, we won’t say anything to anyone, you can trust us. I hope you will do the same.”

Jake smiled and assured us that he wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Then he added, ” Do Dave and Tom know? Are they?”

“Yes they do, and as far as the other question, that is something you have to ask them,” I told him rather curtly.

“Oh, I’m sorry, it wasn’t something I should have asked,” he replied with his head down.

Then Jake began to stammer a bit. He looked nervous. I looked at him and I saw that his hand was on his crotch, rubbing the bulge that was now very evident. He had something to ask, I knew and looking at Brandon, I saw that he not only noticed what I had, but had the same feeling that Jake had
more to say.

“Spill it out,” Brandon finally said breaking the silence.

Still looking nervous, Jake started. “Do you think Jerry is going to be all right with me when he finds out?”

“Only one person will know and that is the person that tells him,” I looked at him as I answered his question. “And Jake, you can be sure that he won’t be told by either of us.”

That seemed to relax Jake.

“Actually,” Brandon broke in, “I have a feeling that Jerry will be fine with it.”

I looked over at Brandon a bit confused. He smiled and shook his head which told me he would tell me later what he was talking about. Even though we had only been together a couple months, we both were on the same wavelength and understood each other’s thoughts and actions.

“How do you know?” Jake asked apprehensively.

“Jerry is a cool guy, Jake and he knows that things like that happen, especially here at an all-boys school. Hell, he’d probably be fine with it knowing that maybe the two of you could feel free to enjoy things without the other being upset.”

That really got my mind reeling. I wondered first how Brandon knew this, and secondly why he said it as he did. Realizing, though, that Jerry and Brandon had been good friends and team mates for the past two years I was sure that he knew more about Jerry than I did. I just stood there waiting
for whatever was next.

“Looks like you have a problem there,” Brandon said, looking right at Jake’s hand rubbing his cock.

Jake blushed. He quickly removed his hand from his crotch and said he was sorry. Not only was Jake a bit surprised by what Brandon said but I was astonished by his comment.

“Oh, I’m really sorry, guys, I didn’t real…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Brandon interrupted. “We all get that way now and then. But I have a funny feeling you haven’t released anything for a while. Am I right?”

Again we saw Jake blush. “Ah, no, I haven’t,” he finally answered. “I was with my parents for three days and then got here this morning and, well, no I haven’t.”

Brandon looked at me and then I knew where he was going. I knew he thought that Jake was cute and now that he knew that he was a lot like us figured he’d try to tell Jake that it was all right that he needed to get off. I picked up on what he was saying and decided I’d let Jake know the same.

“You need some privacy, Jake? Brandon and I can go into the other room if you do.”

“Thanks,” he said, “but I wouldn’t be able to do anything knowing the two of you knew what was happening.” Finally he smiled and had quite a nice smile.

“We could join you,” Brandon said much to my surprise.

Jake had a look of surprise on his face. He was tongue-tied, I could tell, not knowing what to say or how to reply. I just smiled at him letting him know that is was fine with me as well.

There was silence as I assumed that Jake was thinking about the offer. “Hey, just three guys enjoying what guys like. It’s not like Brandon and I haven’t jacked off together,” I added, not wanting to go into much detail. “Nothing more, Jake, I promise.”

Brandon gave me a sly look, but also told Jake that was the case. “It’s either that, Jake, or go back to your room with a boner like that and go to bed without any release,” Brandon added.

Jake looked really nervous. He looked between Brandon and me not sure how to proceed. “Are you sure that you want to do this with me? You hardly know me.”

“Hey, Jake, we know you’re a guy and we know that at our age all guys jack off, so what is the problem? We’ve seen guys stroking themselves in the showers, which, I may add, isn’t a very smart thing to do, Jake. So here, just between us is more private. But that is up to you, Jake, no pressure.”

He let out a big sigh and smiled. “Well, I do need to,” he finally said.

“Ok, then,” Brandon said as I saw him taking off his pants. In a second, he was there in his briefs, his dick hard pressing against the fabric. His hand went to his crotch as he began to rub it releasing his balls from his sweaty thighs. I smiled and did the same, my cock half hard, but growing as my pants hit the ground.

Jake stood there in shock looking at the two of us. “Wow, you guys are huge,” he finally said. His head went down. “I’m not as big,” he said, not in a statement, but more of an apology.

“So,” Brandon said looking at him, “size doesn’t’ matter, what does is how you enjoy it.”

Jake smiled then began to remove his jeans. As they fell to the ground, both Brandon and I were watching him and he noticed that.

“Hey we’re here in our underwear, getting hard too,” I said trying to relax him some.

Finally, Brandon just removed his briefs. His big cock jumped out and slapped against his belly. I did the same with the same reaction. We could tell by the look in Jake’s eyes he was again shocked at what we did. I also noticed a bit of embarrassment in his eyes. I pulled Brandon’s arm and moved toward the bed and sat down.

Jake took his underwear off. Finally Brandon and I saw Brandon’s cock. We realized his hesitation immediately. Jake was fully mature, but his penis was no more than about 4 ½ inches in length and very thin. I moved toward the end of the bed, patting it for Jake to sit down between us.

As he walked toward us I could tell even though he was small Jake really got hard. His dick was waving in front of him as he made his way to the bed. He noticed that both Brandon and I had our cocks in our hands stroking slowly. His hand instinctively moved to his as he began to move it up and down the shaft.

As he sat down I noticed his balls. They were not proportional to his cock at all, hanging low and looked so much bigger than I would have expected. The three of us lay back, jacking off very slowly. I so wanted to just walk over to Brandon, take him in my mouth and enjoy what I had wanted
since we were in the weight-room but knew that this was not the time to let Jake know about our relationship. At least not know our total relationship.

As we lay there I could tell it wouldn’t’ be long before Jake’s orgasm. He had told us it had been at least three-days since he last shot a load and I figured that since he really never did this with others his excitement would take him over the edge rather quickly. I looked over at Brandon and saw that he realized the same thing.

I couldn’t have been two-minutes before I felt Jake’s leg next to mine tighten. His muscles were giving his orgasm away. I looked over and was shocked to see the force of his ejaculation. His cum shot over his head, then onto our bed, to his forehead, then his nose, finally to his chin and his chest. He had at least six enormous volleys of sperm until he finally was coming down to a dribble on his pubic hair.

Simultaneously Brandon and I stopped our stoking. We looked over at Jake, there with a smile on his face and a look of contentment. After a while he looked over at us. “Aren’t you guys going to cum?” he asked.

“No, Jake, I don’t’ think so,” I said. “We just wanted you to feel comfortable and let yourself go. We knew it had been a while and wanted you to go back to your room without frustration.”

He smiled at us, not knowing that when he left Brandon and I would definitely enjoy time together without him. He thanked us but he was still a bit embarrassed. We all were still naked when we stood up, Brandon and my hard-ons subsiding as Jake put on his clothes.

“Jake,” Brandon finally said. “Give Jerry a chance. I have a feeling what we did here will probably be something the two of you can do together.”

Again confused, I looked over at Brandon. I knew then that he had knowledge of the fact that indeed, Jake and Jerry at the very least could masturbate together; otherwise he would never have said what he did. I knew I’d find out why later, but for the moment decided to keep my mouth shut.

“I hope so,” Jake said. “But if not I would love to be able to be here with you two.”

“We’ll see,” I added. “We’re not running a jack-off camp,” I teased him, knowing that he would be welcome if it were necessary.

I found Brandon’s gym shorts next to me and tossed them to him. I found mine and as we both had them on, walked Jake to the door. As we opened it we noticed that the other two had made their way to their own room and the common area was clear. We let Jake out of the suite, locked our door and
headed to our room.

No sooner did we get our door closed that Brandon grabbed me and kissed me. In an extremely passionate, finally, embrace we made our way to our bed collapsed on it and made out for a few minutes.

As we broke our kiss I finally spoke up. “Ok, what did you mean that he and Jerry could jack off together?”

Brandon told me about their discussion as Jake and I were gone. He said he realized then that Jerry was open to at least some masturbation with his roommate, as he had done with Steve. Brandon also told me that Jerry had expressed some concern about our relationship and that maybe we had better find out more about what he meant. I agreed, but wasn’t really worried about it at that moment.

As he was telling me all of this, both of us had each other’s cock in our hands, playing with each other. Before he finished I was already heading down to his cock, wanting it in my mouth for the past six-hours. I didn’t hesitate to take him deep into my throat, playing with his balls as I did. Without taking his cock from my mouth, Brandon was able to move himself so that he could have me as well.

Over the last few weeks we both had learned about each other’s reactions to stimuli. We had made love enough to know how to hold off our orgasms to give each other the most pleasure we could. I know I didn’t want to cum quickly and knew too that Brandon wanted to hold off as much as possible.

We continued to suck on each other, providing the most pleasure we could for our partner. Our hands were all over each other. We both had found our love tunnel and were fingering each other, paying particular attention to our prostates, massaging and pushing on them giving each other more and more pre-cum to enjoy.

I could feel Brandon’s muscles clamp onto my finger inside him. I knew from experience that it wouldn’t be long before he provided me with the nectar that I craved at that moment. His hips thrust into me and he began to explode. His cum was sweet as ever, hitting the back of my throat with
great force. I could hear him moaning and gasping for breath as he continued to deposit his juices down my throat.

His warm sperm was coating my tongue as I thrust into him. I exploded inside his mouth as he pulled me close driving my cock deeper in side him. I could feel myself spurting time and again deep down his throat. It seemed that each time we enjoyed being together, our orgasms became more and more
intense. Mine sure was at this moment as I heard myself exclaim with joy.

We both kept each other’s manhood in our mouths long after we had completed providing each other with our juices. I loved having Brandon’s dick in my mouth, soft or hard. I knew he felt the same as many times we just continued to suckle on each other long after we came.

At our ages, 15 and 16, sex was definitely a big part of our existence. We both knew, however, that we enjoyed more than sex. We had a compatibility that we shared both while having sex or just working out together. Unlike other “couples” that we knew that just were together to help each other get off, we were the best of friends and knew we were in love, not just lust. I know that I have said that before, but feel that I need to emphasize that again as it was so much different than others, straight or queer.

We both moved up to the head of the bed. I put my arm around Brandon as he lay his head on my chest. I kissed his forehead as we both began to fall into a shallow slumber. I could feel his breath become shallow as I realized he had fallen asleep. I, however, wasn’t really tired as of yet. I slowly removed my arm from around his shoulders, lay his head onto the pillow and got out of bed.

Still naked, I walked into the common living area. I looked over at the refrigerator having wished we had at least gotten some soda to put into it. Well, we would go shopping the next day and that would be taken care of, so I went to the sink, put some ice into a glass and drew some water from the
tap. I sat down on the couch (yes we had a couch) and put my feet onto the table. I lay my head back and closed my eyes and relieved the last two-weeks in my mind.

The time with Chad and his acceptance of Brandon’s and my relationship brought a smile to my face. My mind wandered to the time with Mikey and what had transpired. My body shivered when I realized that in a couple of weeks he would be here with us and we could share some time together, all of us. I thought about our date with Karen and Sherry and chuckled remembering how Brandon reacted as Sherry was getting him off. I also giggled as I remembered what he told me about not really enjoying it, but then again, he was a teenager and whenever we were able to have an orgasm
it was pleasurable.

In addition, I recalled how Dean Huzinga told us about our new living arrangements. I still was a bit concerned about some of the things that he said wondering exactly what he knew or did not know. As I started to think about meeting Jake, there was a knock at the outer door.

As I made my way to the door, I suddenly realized that I was naked. I opened the door slightly and there stood Jerry. Unfortunately, I had opened it too far and he had put his head in and saw how I was dressed, or for that fact not-dressed.

He smiled. “So you sleep naked too, huh?” he said. I felt a bit better about that and opened it all the way inviting him in. I said I’d get something on, but he said not to worry about it. After all, he continued, we had sat together in the locker room naked, what was the difference here. I had to agree.

As we sat on the couch I did put a magazine over my mid-section. I asked him what time it was and he told me about 1:30 in the morning. I realized my look of wonderment was apparent and he began to tell me what had happened when Jake came back into the room.

He told me that Jake told him all about himself and had let Jerry know that I knew as well. He said that Jake told him if it bothered him, he would ask the Dean for a single room so that Jerry didn’t have to room with him. Jerry told me that he assured him that it didn’t bother him, telling him he knew a few older guys that were queer and it wasn’t a concern for him.

As Jerry said “a couple older guys” I began to wonder. I knew that Jerry had been at CBS since he started high school here, so was wondering who he was talking about. My conversation with his brother Jeff came back to my memory. He told me how he and Jon went to the same school and that Jerry knew Jon rather well. I thought it was odd how Jerry put this, but let him continue.

Jerry told me that as it was time for bed, he began to undress. As he got to his underwear he told Jake that he normally slept naked and that if that bothered him, he would keep his underwear on. Jake told him that it didn’t, so Jerry stripped down and got under the covers. I had seen Jerry
naked many times and he was very well endowed. I’d only seen him soft, but he was at least 5 ½ inches then, so I could just imagine how big he got when erect.

Apparently, Jerry saw Jake staring at him as he saw Jake’s cock begin to rise. He saw the tent in his underwear and when Jake stripped down, his cock was pointing up, plastered to his belly. Jerry confided in me that he was getting hard watching Jake and knew that Jake saw the tent in his
covers as he got into bed.

“So,” I asked, “did you just come here or did something else happen?”

He told me he waited a while and then saw that Jake was jacking off under his covers. He reaffirmed what Brandon had told me that he and Steve had masturbated many times together and wondered if Jake would too. After hearing what Jake told him about himself, he decided to approach the

He said he turned, and when Jake heard him he saw that he had stopped stroking his cock. Jerry told Jake that it was cool with him if he jacked off since all guys did. He also told him about Steve and the times they had shared. He asked Jake if he wanted this type of roommate that would
ignore what he was doing or at times would join him. Jake told him that he didn’t mind, but since he was queer, what Jerry thought about it.

“I told him it didn’t’ bother me,” Jerry continued. “Bob, I don’t know but I always enjoyed the times that Steve and I got off together and wanted the same. Does that make me like Jake?” he asked with what I heard; a very nervous quiver in his voice.

“Are you just going to jack off together or do you want more, Jerry?” I asked.

“Oh no, not more, but I have to say I have to get off every night and it would be nice to have someone that didn’t care,” he told me.

“Well then tell Jake that, Jer. I’m sure he will understand and I really don’t think he’ll make a move for anything else, Jerry.”

Jerry’s head fell and I saw him begin to blush some. I looked at him and asked him why he was blushing. He told me that he and Steve did jack each other and that he enjoyed it.

“Have you and Brandon ever jacked each other off, Bob?” he asked hesitantly.

“Okay, Jerry, since you told me what you have I will tell you that yes, Brandon and I have done each other,” I confided to him. “And, Jerry, I will also tell you Brandon told me your concerns that you discussed with him tonight, so I do hope that this goes no further than this room.”

“Oh, no Bob, I wouldn’t say anything. I mean, I’ve jacked off with Steve and for that fact with my brother,” he admitted. Suddenly I knew something that Jerry probably didn’t realize he had just told me. With Jeff’s conversation on the bus I now realized that Jeff and Jon probably were, or
had, played around. I wasn’t going to give that up, just yet.

“So, did you jack off with Jake?” I finally asked him.

He nodded his head. He told me that they both lay there on their own bed and masturbated to orgasm. He was surprised when Jake began to shoot that his balls tightened and he shot his load at about the same time. When he and Steve used to jack off together it was usually Steve that got off first and then Jerry had to continue for a good three to four minutes before he had his orgasm. He never shot at the same time as Steve, but admitted knowing Jake was queer and seeing him shoot his load drove him over the edge.

All I did was listen to Jerry. I saw the look of concern on his face. I looked over at him and told him everything that he told me was between us and that I wouldn’t even let Brandon know.

From behind us we both heard, “You won’t tell me, huh?”

As we both turned at the same time, there was Brandon, his hands over his blood-engorged dick. “How long have you been there?” I asked.

“Let’s just say that I hear Jerry say he shot his load just after Jake,” he said smiling and laughing at the both of us.

I looked at Jerry who now was red as a beet. His embarrassment was very evident and I reached over and patted his leg showing him, I hoped, that everything was going to be fine. “Hey, look at him, he’s hard as a rock from your story,” I finally said to Jerry. He hadn’t seen that I guess as he turned suddenly to see for himself.

“Jer, you haven’t done anything I haven’t before,” Brandon told him. “I mean you said it yourself. Most guys here probably jack off in their rooms with their roommates there. Maybe some may be asleep, or at least pretend to be asleep, but we all do it.”

Jerry seemed a little more relaxed after both Brandon and I assured him that what happened was nothing to worry about. I did ask if Jake asked him for anything else, but he said that he seemed to be happy just masturbating together. I smiled, but felt that it might lead a bit further if it continued. I also knew that if it did that Jake would be fine with it and I had a very funny feeling that Jerry would as well.

We looked over at the clock and noticed it was 2:15 in the morning. We all had class at 8:00 a.m. so I knew we had to get to sleep. “Want me to walk you back to your room,” I teased Jerry, “in case Jake wants to jump you bones.”

He laughed and said no, and we all headed for the door. Brandon and I totally forgot that we were totally naked and noticed it didn’t escape Jerry’s thoughts either. As he left, I locked the door, turned to Brandon and kissed him. We put our arms around each other and headed back to our room, closed the door and got back into bed. Again, I had my arm around Brandon as I pulled him close. In short order we both fell asleep. As I dreamed that night I thought about Jeff and our discussion. I saw Jeff and Jon in a deep embrace. When I woke up I wondered if my dream possibly was something that in reality was happening up in Minnesota with them.

It didn’t take long for our alarm to go off at 7:00 the next morning. We heard the shower running and figured that either Dave or Tom was getting ready, but both had to pee badly. We both hopped out of bed, naked of course with raging hard-ons and went to the bathroom. I used the toilet as Brandon used the urinal that was installed. Oh, how convenient this was turning out to be for all of us.

As we finished, both Tom and Dave stepped out of the showers, their flaccid penis’ hanging in front of them. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that they weren’t that way when the stepped into the shower. We all smiled as they told us that the shower was all ours.

Brandon and I stepped in and turned on both shower heads. The water was warm, since our suite-mates had just completed their shower. We soaked up, washed each other, obviously playing a little, but knew we didn’t have much time to take it to completion. We finished, grabbed our towels off the
towel rack, dried each other off and went into our room. We threw on some clothes, called out for Tom and Dave who joined us, and headed for the cafeteria for a quick breakfast.

When we got there Jake and Jerry waved us over to their table. We ate, not talking a lot, but I saw something in Jakes eyes that led me to believe that he was a bit happier today than when I first met him the day before in Coach D’Agostino’s office. I smiled at him knowing that this was what he
needed and was glad that things were at least better for him now than back in Columbus.

As I headed for class I thought how happy I was and how content I was here at CBS. I knew that this school, well, Brandon in particular, was a big part of that feeling. However, I hoped that Jake would have the same feeling soon. I remembered how miserable I was coming here and I didn’t even have the situation that forced Jake to CBS. I had a feeling that we would be friends, but I also didn’t want what happened the day before between us to be something that happened all the time.


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