“Gettin’ some…Xmas” By JeffsFort

No school today because it’s Christmas and all that. I decided to spend some alone “Me” time in bed with nothing but my iPad and my left hand. Unfortunately just as I found the video of the group orgy that got me to explode really hard the other night, my mother swings the door open and just shakes her head.

“Mooooooom!” I cry out as I race to cover myself.

“Oh please, I used to change your diapers.” She laughs. “I’m leaving for work and you have a surprise under the tree. Be glad I interrupted you because you’ll want to save it for this surprise.”

“Say what?” I shoot back as I can literally feel my excitement deflating.

“Just go look, and don’t go back to that video.” She says coming into the room and taking my iPad out of my hand.

After she was gone and I heard the front door latch, I got out of bed, not even bothering to put any clothes on, and head out to the living room. As I turn the corner, I freeze and quickly cover myself with my hands. “Oh, oh, um… oh my…”

“Hi.” I can almost hear as the blood pulsing in my ears nearly drowns out everything else. Under our Christmas tree is the most beautiful face I have ever seen, under a mop of golden hair and attached to the body of a well-tanned teen boy who must be a swimmer or surfer or something based on the definition of his perfect body. He was wearing nothing but a bow over his boyhood. Instantly my deflated excitement began to wake back up, even if I was too nervous to react in a meaningful way.

“Wh…who are you?”

“I’m Nick,” the teen got out as I noticed the bow on his crotch beginning to levitate all by itself, “I live across the street and have wanted to meet you since we moved in last week. I think you are really hot and I want to be your boyfriend so I came right over and talked to your mom.”

“You talked to my mom about coming over here and getting naked under my tree?”

“No,” He replied with a smile, “That part was her idea.”

I looked him up and down and let my once again rising excitement free so he could see,” So, can I have my present then?”

“Sure,” He said as he grabbed the bow and tossed it aside, “Let’s start right here and work our way back to your room. We can be boyfriends after this and maybe even get married soon.”

“Well sure,” I replied as I dropped to the floor next to him and began to explore his body with my hands, “I would ask you your last name but I may just have you take mine when we get married. Now, let’s get to know each other.”

Yes, this Christmas I got the best present ever. I got it in the living room, the hallway, the kitchen, the bathroom, my bedroom, and the shower before I decided that yes, we should be boyfriends and get married. Then we could really have some fun. Maybe we’ll just take a nap first. I wonder if he’d like that group orgy video. Maybe I should call some friends!

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