I was holding Alex’s hand the whole time they were talking and didn’t even realize it. Maybe I was paying more attention to their conversation than I was to the affection that I was giving my…


Omigod…is Alex my boyfriend?!?! Well, I mean…sort of! Right? We were just making out behind this desk a few minutes ago, weren’t we? And on purpose this time! No sudden moments of weakness. No awkward lunges forward, fueled by fear and confusion and a nitro boost of hormones. We made ‘plans’ to do this. So, yeah…I’m guessing that he’s kind of like a boyfriend now. My boyfriend. Heh…I’ve never had a boyfriend before. Can I refer to him in that way…even in my mind? I don’t know. It seems as if I might be jumping to a conclusion that I had no right to jump to. But…at the same time…it felt good. REALLY good. Just looking at him, even in this dark room…he was so fucking CUTE that I didn’t even know how to properly appreciate him without doing his beauty a major injustice!

I found myself short of breath. Quivering and stressed out. Are these the seeds of true love being planted in my mind for the first time? I’ve never looked at another boy like this in my entire life. And don’t think that it’s because I’ve never noticed cute boys before. TRUST me…I have! There are very few teenagers out there who can claim to be as boy crazy as I am. But, outside of the many hot jack off fantasies that I’ve had over boys who were not only straight, but WAY out of my league…something about Alex just felt right. You know? It felt…real. And that made me happy beyond belief.

As the soldiers and teachers kept talking, Alex and I just looked at each other and smiled. It was more like trying to hold back a fit of boyish giggles, but I couldn’t explain why we wanted to laugh so badly. It’s not like there was anything funny about what was going on out there, but it was obvious that Alex and I were just super anxious to get back to kissing instead of waiting for their little ‘private meeting’ to wrap up.

Alex’s green eyes seemed to almost sparkle in the dark when he smiled. With a trembling hand, I quietly reached up to gently rub the buzzcut blond sides of his hair…moving up to thread my fingers through the slightly longer locks on top. He gazed into my eyes, lightly placing his hand on my thigh. it was such a feather light touch that I barely felt the contact at all. It was the subtle heat radiating from his soft palm that alerted me to his tender caress. My heart was beating rapidly, and I felt as though I was breathing through a thin straw as I fought the emotional ‘pull’ towards his beauty. He was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Unable to fight my natural instincts any longer, I slowly leaned forward…encouraging Alex to meet me halfway. Our lips collided with a gentle bump. I never felt so fragile, and yet so protected. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy as much of our kiss as I possibly could before having to lean back and control myself again. Hehehe, there were adults in the room, after all. Soldiers and teachers, no less! I smiled at him, pressing my finger to my lips to remind him that we were still hiding and needed to be quiet. Alex gave me the most ADORABLE pouty face when he realized we’d have to wait just a little bit longer. Awwww, I had to kiss those precious lips again immediately! Hehehe, I couldn’t help myself! OH God, if only you saw that cute face…it would have dissolved all of your will power too.

We paused our playful exchange as we overheard Sergeant Brower ask, “Based on what you’ve experienced so far, in the case of contamination…what kind of damage are we looking at here, and how quickly will our forces be able to contain the outbreak?”

Dr. Vega said, “There’s really no way for us to tell just yet. Containment may be close to impossible once the infected begin to build in number. And building in numbers is what they’re best at.”

Private Harries blurted out the word, “Total, Sir.”

“What was that, Private?”

“If an outbreak occurs here…if we allow just a few of those things to build a nest within these walls…the damage…our losses…will be ‘total’.” He replied. “If that happens, our best bet is to gear up and find a whole new stronghold. There won’t be any way for us to repair the damage of a security breach. I know. I’ve seen it.”

Mr. Snyder attempted to offer an alternative plan of action. “Listen, maybe if we can all just keep a close eye on things, get the locals to report any missing civilians right away, any suspicious behavior, we can keep this situation from getting out of control. These creatures are just mindlessly wandering through the streets, acting solely on primal instinct. As long as we keep our eyes open…”

“With all due respect, Mr. Snyder…you haven’t seen these things in action. I have.” Harries told him. I heard him walk over towards the classroom windows, and Alex and I immediately got scared of being found out. We held our breath as Dr. Vega, Mr. Snyder, and Sergeant Brower, followed him over. “You folks may look out there at that horde of zombies and see a mass of mindless drones, bumping into each other and completely unaware of what’s happened to them. But I’ve seen different. And they’re not all like that. They’re not all the same.”

Brower asked, “How do you mean…different?”

“Well…you’ve seen the crowd, content with merely bashing themselves up against the gates surrounding the school, right?” He said, directing their attention to the horrific view outside. “But not all of them stay mindless, do they? Let me guess…you had to put sharpshooters on the roof, didn’t you? To stop the ones that figure out how to climb the fences?”

Brower gave him a stern look, but didn’t interrupt.

“No matter what it looks like…these things aren’t all the same. Some of them are smarter than others. Some of them can actually think.” Private Harries told them.

Dr. Vega asked, “You’re telling us that some of them actually have their cognitive processes in tact?”

“Not entirely. It’s…it’s really difficult to explain.” Harries seemed as if he were bringing up as much of the recent trauma as he could without having it push him over the edge. “Some of these creatures…they lumber around as if lost in a daze or something. But SOME of them? Some of those bastards see you, and they take off at FULL SPEED! Some can figure out how to creep in through the cracks, open doors, climb walls…sometimes, I’ve even heard some of them speak.”

Mr. Snyder said, “Oh wow. So maybe the infection is guided by hormonal changes. Some may be mildly corrupted by the virus, while others are completely overwhelmed by it.” Looking out the window to see the herd of the undead getting even larger outside of our feeble border fence, he added, “It’s possible that we may be dealing with a group of hostiles that are just as diverse as the nonfunctioning civilians in this facility.”

Private Harries said, “By the time you know what you’re dealing with, and what they’re capable of…it’s already too late. Not even our best soldiers had any chance of suddenly being forced to outrun an 17 year old high school track star in his prime. We lost a lot of good soldiers at Hillside, Sir. A LOT of them.”

Dr. Vega got his wheels spinning on the issue, saying, “Maybe it’s a matter of tolerance. Less about the strength of the infection, and more about the strength of their immunity.” They moved away from the window, much to our relief, and seemed as though they were finally getting ready to leave. “I’d like to take as many blood samples as I can from our adolescent inhabitants right after breakfast tomorrow. Perhaps I can find something that strengthens their immunity and slows down the biological trigger. Maybe even shutting it off completely.”

Sergeant Brower asked, “Do you think that will be possible? We can’t afford to have you ‘guess’ on this, Doctor. I need a definitive answer.”

He hesitated at first, but Dr. Vega then told him, “I believe we can make a great amount of progress once I get enough samples to test my theory. We might just be able to prevent a potential bloodbath here…as long as we’re prepared.”

“I pray that’ll be enough.” Brower replied. “Grab our civilian list. We begin updates on the status of every boy and girl in this building between the ages of 11 and 18. No exceptions. Get the good doctor here all the samples he needs. We’re working on a tight schedule here, people. So let’s get this done within the next 72 hours, if possible. I’ll put extra soldiers on detail to help out with the process.” Brower turned to Dr. Vega and Mr. Snyder, pointing a finger, “I’m counting on results from you two. QUICK results. Don’t disappoint me.”

He began to leave the room with Private Harries behind him. That’s when Mr. Snyder called out, “Wait…what happens to these kids if we can’t find out which ones are the carriers and which ones aren’t?”

The sergeant stopped, and looked back over his shoulder with a stoic expression. He simply said, “Find the key. Figure it out. We’ll worry about ‘Plan B’ later…”

“That doesn’t sound too reassuring.” Dr. Vega said.

“Good. It wasn’t meant to.” Brower said coldly, and then he left the room. With the others leaving shortly after.

What the hell was going on here? What is this fucked up situation devolving into?

When we heard the classroom door close, I leaned over to peek around the teacher’s desk to make sure that nobody else was lingering around in the room. Thankfully, we had been left alone.

Without missing a beat, I turned my head back to Alex and lunged at him, mashing my lips against his with a craving that had been incredibly hard to hide for the last few minutes of silent agony.

The smacking of our lips in the dark was more arousing than the kiss itself, in my opinion. Especially, when I heard Alex moan gently…his vocal vibrations being transferred from his lips to mine. I loved the sensual ‘wetness’ of his tongue, and scooted even closer as my erection throbbed repeatedly from his expert touch. Breathless and overwhelmed…Alex and I both managed to stop our selves when we heard footsteps approaching from down the hall.

We stopped.

Hoping to calm down enough to hold our breaths if we had to continue to conceal ourselves from any further interruptions.

Luckily…the footsteps kept going right past the classroom door, and faded out into the distance. Good! GREAT!

I launched myself forward again, this time wrapping my arms around Alex’s neck, and squirming awkwardly as I turned myself around and spread my legs so that I could lay back on the cold, hard, floor, and pull my sweet, young, beauty on top of me.

Yes! This is what I wanted! This is what I’ve been yearning for!

Alex’s weight on me brought an orgasmic sense of intensity that nearly made my eyes roll back in my head. I’ve never been this far with a boy before. It was difficult to simply lay back and enjoy the feel of his hardness pushing itself against mine without freaking out about the fact that any of this was happening at all! I could feel his arms around me, his pretty lips sucking gently at my own, the sweetness of his boyish breath…all an intoxicating mixture that made for one of the most erotic moments of my life.

I whimpered as I felt his hips humping me against the floor. The friction of our jeans turning us on even more as I fought to concentrate on my kissing…instead of losing myself to the euphoric sensations of what was going on further down below.

I know that my hard shaft was leaking at the tip. As warm as my premature nectar was…it still left a cool sensation in the fabric of my underwear…driving me to push my hips up into him as he pushed down. Our members straining with every grind…causing our passionate kiss to get even more involved by the second. I was so close! Sooooo damn close!

Should I stop?

Should I keep going?

Should I stop for a few seconds to calm down and then keep going?

Maybe I should just…UH OH!!! Too late! Holy shit! I…I can’t stop now! This whole adventure is officially out of my hands now…

I didn’t want to holler out loud, but DAMN if I didn’t start gasping for air as I clutched on to Alex’s shoulders and wrapped my legs around him…crossing my ankles on the small of his back as I slammed my eyes shut and prepared to flood my pants with a lustful explosion that was a long time coming.

Oh dear God…I felt the pulses in my shaft pushing splash after heated splash of excited semen into my underwear. And I was conflicted, wondering if I should pay more attention to the sloppy, sticky, mess I was making all over myself, or to the fact that I ENJOYED the mess! It felt soooo good! There was no humiliation at all in my epic release. Alex was worth every last drop.

I think he realized what had happened, and his hips stopped humping themselves into me. Propped up on his elbows, he looked down at my closed eyes and parted lips, heavily breathing as my shattering climax held me captive for the next few blissful moments, as I rode out the last aftershocks of my eruption. “Did you…? I mean…?”

I opened my eyes. “Oh…yeah.” I blushed. “Sorry.”

“Oh no. No way, I’m the one who’s sorry! I just…” Alex seemed concerned. “…You should have told me. I could have stopped.”

But I caressed the side of his pretty face, and kissed him on the lips. “It’s ok. I liked it. A LOT! Hehehe!”

We heard more footsteps outside the door, and we naturally found ourselves in a state of panic once again. The thought of someone opening that door and finding us here like this just…it twists your logical mind in knots, you know? No matter HOW good it feels!

Again…the footsteps walked past the classroom without peeking in. That was a blessing, but Alex and I were beginning to realize that the fear of being discovered was taking away from the surreal beauty of us being together at all. I think it killed the moment. At least temporarily.

Alex was careful to get on his hands and knees and lift himself off of me. “Dude…I can see it through your pants.” He smiled.

“What? Wait…can you?” I sat up and scooted back a bit to see a big wet spot on the front of my jeans. Jesus, did I cum through my underwear too??? I guess that’s what happens when you’re super excited like this! Hehehe! Wow….

I unfastened the button on my pants, and lowered the zipper. Giant globs of obscenely visible white sperm had soaked clean through my briefs and into my jeans, and the rest of the material was dark from being drenched in my horny desires. Yikes! Ok…so…that was a little embarrassing!

“It didn’t feel like it was that much…” I said, sheepishly.

“Hehehe, don’t sweat it. I’m flattered. I just…I didn’t want you to screw up your clothes and stuff…”

I kissed him on the lips again, but bringing him back down on me caused my sensitive tip to thrash with a sudden jerk that nearly caused me to pass out.

Panting, I said, “It’s ok. Honestly. I’ll find a way to cover it up or something. Promise.”

“You’re not mad?” He asked.

“Hahaha, you’re too damn HOT for me to be mad at you! So…no. Not mad at all.” I told him.

Even in the dark, his blush was radiant. “Listen…this might sound weird, considering…well…all that’s going on right now…” Alex collected his thoughts, and he said, “…If we ever get out of this place, and the zombie thing gets solved…I was thinking that, maybe, you and I could go somewhere, some day. You know?”

As I tried to fight off my infatuated chills, I said, “Totally! Like…under the bleachers in the gym, you mean? Or maybe a janitor’s closet? The bathrooms are all pretty full at all times in this place. We’re over populated. Or soon will be. But…”

Alex kissed me to shut me up. Hehehe! Then he says, “I’m not talking about in here! I mean…some day in the future. Like…” His voice softened, and it gave me goosebumps. As if his magical bright eyes didn’t do it first. “…If we ever get out of this place…I was thinking more of taking you out. Like…on a date.” I’m seriously surprised that I didn’t sink right through the floor when his angelic voice told me that. “I think…it would be cool to…well, for us to try…”

“YES!!!” I said, giggling out loud! I kissed him, hard, on the lips! “I’m definitely down for going out on a date! Wherever you want to go, I’m game!”

Blushing even harder than before, Alex said, “Hehehe, well…I can’t take you anywhere outside of the school cafeteria right now, but…”

“That works for me!” I laughed.


“We’ll do it tomorrow night. Why not?” I said.

“I kinda expected our first date to be something a bit less…disgusting. Hahaha!”

“As long as I’m with you…there won’t be anything disgusting about it. Promise.”

He gave me the sweetest look. And then leaned in for another peck on the lips…but he accidentally put his hand on my lap to balance him, and got a palm full of ‘yuck’!

I was SO ashamed at first, but he just pulled his hand back and giggled to himself. Then he licked his palm and I gasped out loud! He seemed amused by my reaction. “Hehehe, WHAT?”

I said, “Gross! What are you doing?”

He said, “Didn’t want it to go to waste. I only wish I had gotten it while it was still warm from the ‘tap’.”

And that one statement, alone…insured him from ever being replaced by another boy in my love life. Seriously. He locked down that part of my heart forever.

As we heard more activity outside of that classroom door, we decided to straighten ourselves up as best as we could. It wouldn’t be long before someone else noticed the lights off in here and came looking for a moment of privacy for themselves. So I buttoned my pants back up, and even though Alex was all ready to go, I said, “Wait! What about my…ummm…what about ‘this’?” I nodded towards the obvious wet spot in the front of my pants, and Alex grinned.

“Do you wanna stop by the showers first or something?”

“I don’t have anything to change into afterward…”

“Tell ya what, I’ve got your back, dude! Or…in this case, your ‘front’. Hehehe, I’ll walk in front of you all the way to the showers, you can strip down, and I’ll get some more clothes from your pallet in the gym. K?”

I said, “No, I just want to get back to my spot and I’ll clean up when nobody else is looking. You know? He was being soooo sweet about it all. I just kissed him on the cheek and said, “Ok. Lead the way.”

My legs were a little stiff from hiding behind that desk for so long, but also a little rubbery from holding hands with a boy that I, previously, could have only stared at from across a crowded room before this mess happened. So I guess it found a way to balance itself out somehow. All I knew was that I had finally found the blond hottie that I had been dreaming about my whole life…and he turned out to be just as sweet, and just as perfect, as I always dreamed he would be. A living fantasy in the flesh.

Every time I looked at him…it felt like my stomach hurt! I can’t even put into words how much I needed this boy to be close to me. It bordered on batshit insanity!

But…as we were walking down the hall, me trailing closely behind Alex’s sexy bottom while he shielded my horny shame from anyone else who might see it in passing…

…A sudden flurry of soldiers came running around the corner in their fatigues. Not SUPER fast, but definitely with a sense of urgency!

“We’ve got the last convoy from Hillside coming through! They’re at the gates! Sergeant says don’t let a SINGLE one of them in without an intense search and medical evaluation! Not ONE! If we need to get violent to keep them at bay, so be it! This is our survival we’re talking about! Move it! Go, go, go!” The team leader shouted as they practically pushed us out of the way.

I guess Sergeant Brower’s orders are already in motion, whether we like it or not. He’s clamping down on everyone coming in here, and it’s hard to tell if that’s going to actually keep us safe…or make things worse between us. We’re already crowded in this powder keg of anxiety and animosity…all smashed into one building together. How long will it be before we start turning on one another? Before we start fighting over food…or privacy…or territory?

The only way the human race is any better than the animals in the wild…is that we hide our most violent instincts for the sake of the weaker people around us. But now that ‘survival’ has become the main goal for us all during this zombie apocalypse…how long will it be before we drop the facade? Step back from the masquerade? And realize…

…We may not survive this at all?

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