by Bain Taylor

Above and beyond everything else in life, Devon Bredmire likes to run. It is his one great escape from a world that doesn’t always look kindly on gay teenagers; a world that can oftentimes be downright dangerous. But as he enters into high school, he quickly learns that trying to fly quietly under the gay radar, and having unbridled speed out on the running track, make for a conflicted pairing.

The super jocks of the school take notice of Devon’s amazing talent, and dub him a ‘phenom’. He is immediately adopted into a popular circle of some of the hottest athletes he’d ever laid eyes on – the kind of guys that could snap him like a twig for staring at their ripped bodies for a second too long – guys that should be avoided at all costs. And yet, the kind of guys that love you like a brother when you win races for the team.

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The Exiled Boys: A Gay Novelette

by Bain Taylor

Spencer Blackwell has just parted ways with his buddies after enjoying a ”high school farewell’ backpacking trip – a getaway that had given the guys some extra time to say goodbye before heading off to college.

Now, alone in the universe, Spencer sets off to a small town in Oregon to help his aunt run her boarding house and a small grocery store.

When he arrives, he’s met with a CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC sign on the entrance gate. A signal that something must be terribly wrong. Out front, he’s met by a group of handsome high school and college guys, along with his aunt – and they aren’t smiling. It seems that while he’d been away backpacking, the world had become a very dangerous place – the kind of place from which people run – or hide.