After years and years of offering all of my free content online for everyone to read whenever they had access to a laptop…there is finally a brand new way for me to connect to readers all over the world with the ebooks online!

Now, many of your all time favorite stories from the Shack Out Back are available as downloadable ebooks, for you to read on your mobile devices and keep close to your heart for whenever you need a few warm fuzzy feelings to help you get through your day! Hehehe!

I have spent a great amount of time, reformatting, re-editing, and basically rewriting, ALL of the available stories from the site to make them more worthy for public consumption! I’ve basically built them all up from scratch. Even if you’ve read the stories on the site before, you may be surprised by what I’ve added to the ebook versions! Especially stories like “Gone From Daylight” and “Savage Moon”, which have had whole new CHAPTERS added to them that you won’t be able to see anywhere else! Also, on top of fixing all of the issues and plot holes and grammatical errors that existed before in your beloved series…there are also ebook exclusives included! Stories like “The Boys Of widow Lake” and “Darkness Waits” (Coming In October) that you won’t find anywhere else!

So drop by and grab your Comicality ebooks whenever you get the chance! Every penny helps to support the website, and it allows me to bring you more of the quality material that you’ve been looking for! So it’s a win/win situation, right? Hehehe! Trust me…the ebook versions will always be better!

Enjoy! And let me take this opportunity to thank you all in advance for your purchases in advance! Love you lots!

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