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It has definitely been a long time coming, and the stories you’ve come to know and love are finally being made available on the Kindle Application! That means fully digital versions of the stories that you can take with you anywhere! No more long hours in front of the laptop or lugging it around with you everywhere you go! Hopefully, this will allow you guys to enjoy the stories on a whole new level! The first thing you should know, is that you do NOT need the actual Kindle machine to download the new ebooks! If you’ve got one, then awesome! But you can actually put the Kindle App on your Mac, PC, iphone, blackberry, Android, etc. with no problems whatsoever. And even better…it’s 100% FREE to do so!


Each and every story that I post on the Kindle is being completely redone and re-edited from scratch! So what you’ll be getting are brand NEW versions, with ZERO mistakes! (Ummm…I hope! Hehehe!) I am going over each and every single word, adding stuff, changing stuff, and creating a much better version of every story for you guys to keep and enjoy over and over again! Also, everything is priced very very cheap (According to size of the story or collection of chapters, everything will be starting at $0.99, so check it out! And start your brand new collection today!

The below links will take you to If you’re from another country, simply change the .com to your country’s extension:, .ca, etc

Newest Releases

Three Blocks AwayBuy on AmazonBoy #6Buy on Amazon

Series & Collections


AlwaysBuy on AmazonThree Blocks AwayBuy on Amazon

The Secret Life of Billy Chase

The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 1Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 2Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 3Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 4Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 5Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 6Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 7Buy on AmazonThe Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book 8Buy on Amazon

Gone From Daylight

Gone From DaylightBuy on AmazonGone From Daylight: ResurrectionBuy on AmazonGone From Daylight: NightfallBuy on AmazonGone From Daylight: Rogue AngelBuy on Amazon

Savage Moon

Savage Moon: UnleashedBuy on AmazonSavage MoonBuy on AmazonSavage Moon: EmbracedBuy on AmazonSavage Moon: BrethrenBuy on AmazonSavage Moon: ForesakenBuy on Amazon

The Boys of Widow Lake

The Boys of Widow LakeBuy on AmazonThe Boys of Widow Lake: The Legend of Lady MargaretBuy on Amazon

On the Outside

On The Outside: Book 1Buy on AmazonOn The Outside: Book 2Buy on Amazon

Single Book Stories

Boy #6Buy on Amazon2 BelowBuy on AmazonA Whole Other YouBuy on AmazonBetween The LinesBuy on AmazonElixirBuy on AmazonFinal HourBuy on AmazonJust Out of ReachBuy on AmazonJust What I OrderedBuy on AmazonLight Reaches EarthBuy on AmazonMore Than I RememberBuy on AmazonNever AgainBuy on AmazonOf The FleshBuy on AmazonRyan's HeartBuy on AmazonSave Or SacrificeBuy on AmazonThree Blocks AwayBuy on AmazonTo My One Fallen AngelBuy on AmazonWhispered WordsBuy on AmazonWrittenBuy on Amazon

With MANY more to come as I re-edit and format them for the new system! Expect new additions every two weeks at least! Maybe even more! Not only will your favorites be making an appearance on Kindle…but look for special Kindle EXCLUSIVE stories soon as well!!! Don’t miss out! And if you get a few seconds, please leave a little comment or two or post a rating! The more interest that is generated by the Kindle, the better the sales! The better the sales, the more time Comsie gets away from work…which means more freebies and finished chapters for YOU and the site! See? You can’t lose! Hehehe! 😛 So give the stories a peek, and jump on in! Everything you download supports the site, the stories have been perfected for your reading enjoyment, the ebooks are easy to carry with you everywhere you go, you’ll have access to exclusive stories that aren’t posted on the site, and every rating and comment you leave only helps the stories to spread to new fans all over the globe! It’s awesome! I wanna thank you all in advance! And I’ll seezya soon!



Published July 4, 2011


  1. The only link available here is for the Kindle App. I don’t need that! Where are the direct links to buy your books? If they exist, then this site doesn’t work with Firefox, and I refuse to use IE.

  2. umm hey buddy. I’ was simply wondering why u stoped writing Dream Lovers on nifty. The story was wickedly cool n wanted to know more. plz ah… something

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