Gone From Daylight


Gone From Daylight: Book One

By Comicality

After accepting the dark gift of a vampire’s immortality from his new love, Taryn…Justin has hopes of beginning his life anew in darkness. However, there is something quite unique about Justin. As his abilities continue to grow and evolve much faster than anyone at the lot was prepared, it’s becoming obvious that Justin is NOT your average vampire. He is a one in a million rare breed that has the potential to bring wisdom and enlightenment…or death and destruction.




Gone From Daylight: Resurrection

By Comicality

Young Justin….bullied at school, abused at home…he’s looking for a way out. Any way out. As his suffering brings him to the very end of Navy Pier, with the Chicago skyline behind him, he looks towards the waters of the lake with the hopes that they will deliver him a sweet release from his pain. However, there is another young boy who speaks to him from the darkness, and offers him an ‘alternative’. But to take it, he’ll have to sacrifice the light of the sun…and begin a journey towards a destiny that just may save us all.




Gone From Daylight: Nightfall

By Comicality

Lucas was only 16 when he learned the lesson about following strangers into dark alleys at night. When attacked by a group of young vampires on a cold Winter night, Lucas was all but left for dead. But something went wrong. He wasn’t supposed to survive. Now living as a creature of the night himself, Lucas has made it his mission to find the ones responsible for taking his life and a bright future with his boyfriend, Patrick, away from him. Blood, vengeance, and madness, await you in this tale that takes place in the same vein as the “Gone From Daylight” series. Enjoy the light while you can. Darkness is coming.


4 thoughts on “Gone From Daylight”

    1. Hi George!

      Have you visited Comicality’s website? There’s tons more to the GFD story to be found there: http://www.gayauthors.org/comicality/stories.html and when you run out of those stories, which are still ongoing, with more always on the way, you can also check out the official GFD website, where you’ll find spin-off stories written by Comicality and other GFD readers, as well as similar vampire stories: https://gfdbloodbank.com

      Hope this helps!

  1. Greetings
    I have been reading this beautiful Story’s!
    I like them very much.
    I also saw on YOUTUBE a Movie clip !
    Is there a Movie to this “Gone from Daylight” as well?
    If where can I see it or buy it ?

    1. Hi JP! Unfortunately, no. 🙁 There isn’t a movie of Gone From Daylight. The YouTube clips are combined scenes from other movies that Comicality has cleverly pieced together to make a book trailer. It would be awesome if there was one someday, though, right? 😀

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