On The Outside: Book One

By Comicality

When Ethan starts off a brand new high school year, he does so with a secret. As his growing feelings for other boys begin to intensify instead of merely fading away, he tries his best to avoid the problem altogether, hoping for better days ahead. However, when an openly gay student comes to school, one who is constantly bullied and picked on, Ethan finds himself dealing with much more than a strange attraction to the same sex. Will Ethan’s fear of society, fear of his friends, and possibly even a fear of himself, keep him away from his heart’s desire forever? Or will love entice him to the point of allowing him to go after what he really wanted all along?


On The Outside: Book Two

By Comicality

Ethan has tried desperately to deny his feelings for Drew, but they only get stronger as he gets to know the openly gay high school student on a personal level. Now trying to hide his feelings from his best friends, Ethan is being forced to deal with his attractions in ways that he never expected. Ways he wasn’t prepared for. The drama continues as he fights through his own confusion and finally begins to ask himself…’what if’?

Published September 14, 2016

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