The Boys of Widow Lake: Book One

By Comicality

When Nick made the choice to come out of the closet at age 15, he was expecting things to get so much easier from there. They didn’t. Now surrounded by the few close friends that stuck by him, and separated from those who turned their backs on him, Nick is simply trying to find someone to love. With a father who is more concerned with his writing than his family life, and an older brother currently suffering through chemotherapy, Nick has his friends to keep him distracted from what’s bothering him most. However, there is a very real menace lurking in the shadows of Widow Lake. Boys who may be more beast than beauty. More sinister than their obvious charms would reveal. Anyone who falls for their irresistible good looks and deadly allure…may find their last moments alive being spent gasping for breath…at the bottom of Widow Lake.



The Boys of Widow Lake: Legend of Lady Margaret – Book Two

By Comicality

After becoming obsessed with the beautiful boy with the bright aqua blue eyes….young Nick is compelled to find this amazing specimen and dive even further into his uncontrollable fascination. But while Nick is being consumed by his search, a series of strange disappearances begin to surround the Widow Lake area. Unexplained murders, and rumors of an old area legend that has resurfaced with a vengeance. Is it simply a ghost story, told by local teens for fun? Or is there more to the horrific tale of Lady Margaret…the widow of Widow Lake? If Nick keeps looking for the boy of his dreams, he may find a nightmare instead.



Published August 7, 2012

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