The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book One

By Comicality

Adolescence is the ultimate example of a life lived by ‘trial and error’. Billy Chase is starting high school, and just trying to figure his way through the many trials and difficulties that come with being a teenager in the closet. This is his private journal, written in his own words, detailing his struggles with everything from friends to homework, from infatuations to secrets, from his awkward interactions with boys, to his ‘frightening’ interactions with girls. The angst, the confusion, the naive decisions, the parents, the cute best friend, the sexual excitement…it’s all here. Follow Billy’s first steps towards self discovery, and remember what it was like..when life and love were all brand new.



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Two

By Comicality

After being introduced to the hidden world of Billy Chase, follow his maturing experiences as his high school life gets more and more complicated by the week. Dealing with young love, new friends, new possibilities, and a sexual awakening that goes beyond what he was expecting. Frustrations and confusing conflicts persist, and his mixed emotions seem to be fueled more by hormones than his intellect at times Continue on with Billy’s adventures, and remember what it was like when life and love was still brand new..



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Three

By Comicality

Hopelessly lost in his first loving relationship with another boy, Billy finds himself surrounded by temptations, deep secrets, and the many pitfalls of now having everything to lose. As his choices become more difficult, and his love blindness clashes with the many troublesome factors surrounding him…can Billy move forward and still keep his heart as pure as it once was? Or will he find himself rushing into mistakes that he might not be able to take back once they’ve been made? Follow Billy through his daily struggles, and remember what it was like when love was brand new.



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Four

By Comicality

Billy continues his difficult journey though high school as his life is seemingly falling apart. Now dealing with a devastating break up, his failing home life, and now dealing with the issue of coming out of the closet to those closest to him, Billy is certainly in for a miserable time in the chapters to follow. Can he handle the pressure of a life that is changing faster than he can ever hope to keep up with? Or will the pressure break him down into making things even worse? Take a peek into the life of Billy Chase…and remember ‘pain’ when it was still brand new…



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Five

By Comicality

Someone kissed Billy during his birthday party blowout! He knows that it was one of the boys that he’s been talking to lately…but which one is it? Who kissed Billy that night? And who is keeping it a deep secret concerning how he feels about him? As Billy tries to track down the culprit and pursue a new relationship, he finds himself even more mixed up than ever. Will he find his mystery boy? Or will he be stuck just trying to ‘wing it’ as usual? Check out Book Five, and remember what it was like…when love was brand new!



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Six

By Comicality

Even after solving the mystery of the boy who kissed him at his 15th birthday party, Billy would be mistaken to think that life would simply get easier from here. As conflicts and mistaken intentions arise between him and his best friends, Billy is forced to make some difficult decisions, and ultimately decide whether he wants to live for himself, or live for the others around him. Read on. Billy has much more to deal with than you know…



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Seven

By Comicality

Billy has a lot to answer for during the last few weeks of his evolution. And while he fights to find balance in his life once again, new friendships will be made, old friendships may come to an end, and Billy will be put to the test as he discovers the difference between ‘sex’ and ‘love’. MANY surprises await Billy in this new frame of mind! So jump right in to Book 7, and remember what it was like… when love was brand new!



The Secret Life of Billy Chase: Book Eight

By Comicality

Making it through his first year of high school was definitely a challenge for Billy, but if he thinks his Summer break is going to be free from it’s share of obstacles, he’s in for a surprise. With a growing circle of friends and the possible rekindling of an old flame…Billy is sure to remember this Summer as something truly special. Good times and bad. Take a moment to enjoy Book 8 of this series! Thank you guys for your comments and ratings! Truly appreciated!


Published August 7, 2012


  1. I can’t thank you enough for writing this story. I am a retired man who loves this kid of writing. You make my day and I can’t get started without reading a few chapters every day. Keep up the good work…Keep writing and let you wonderful imagination go to town! Thanks!!!

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