Aramis Knight

Aramis Knight

WdotW for March 11, 2013: Aramis Knight


Born in 1999 to Woodland Hills, California, Aramis Knight has inched his way to success.  He began as an extra, building connections with directors and actors, always making his name known.  We all know that most extras aren’t credited, but somehow Aramis managed to get his name listed.

Many of Aramis’s early debuts are mentioned as obscure names, like “Boy #2” or “Kid with Apple”.  However, it was through small-time parts like these that landed him bigger roles, such as “Jeremy El-Ibrahami” in Rendition, “Carlos” in Dexter and “Bean” in the much-anticipated Ender’s Game.


Check out a clip with Aramis Knight playing “Kid with Apple” in The Dark Knight Rises:

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be very many clips of Aramis, especially recent ones, so we’ll have to wait until “Ender’s Game” releases an official trailer.


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