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WdotW for March 25, 2013: Dylan Everett


Dylan was born in 1995 in Toronto, Ontario and has been in the acting industry since 2005.  Like many young actors, Dylan started out in commercials and short films.  For many, this is where it ends, but not for Dylan.  In 2009, he scored a role in a television series called How to Be Indie, as “Marlon Parks”, which was quickly followed by another series called Wingin’ It, where he played “Carl Montclaire”.

Of course, most of us will recognize Dylan for his role as “Campbell Saunders” in the revamp of the popular teen series Degrassi: The Next Generation.

(Spoiler alert!!!) Unfortunately, as it turns out, the character Campbell Saunders died!  And apparently some of his fans looked at his character as a real person.  Here’s a dedication to the death of Campbell Saunders:


It’s really, really freaky because there seems to be hundreds of these dedications to a fictional character’s death.  Let’s just look at this as a tribute to Dylan Everett’s superb acting skills.


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