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WdotW for March 18, 2013: Jeydon Wale


Jeydon’s a superstar!  A superstar who has never been in a single movie, television show or commercial.  Nothing.  Nada.  If you’re telling yourself “that’s not possible!”  Well, you’re wrong.  Jeydon’s a YouTube sensation!

To some, this may not count.  But if you’ve ever tried to get noticed on YouTube then you know how hard it is to get (as of March 28, 2013) 413, 468 subscribers and 81, 911, 539 video views!  That’s even better than some celebrity pages.

Jeydon’s videos, however, need to come with a warning.  They are addictive.  And with the way YouTube has designed playlists…  You could spend hours watching Jeydon without even realizing it.

Of course, you can’t mention Jeydon without bringing up Hunter.  Hunter is my bestest friend.

Hunter is a fictional character created by Jeydon.  He’s like Jeydon’s identical twin, if his twin were an annoying little brother who’s liked by everyone but Jeydon.  Actually, the best way to describe Hunter is to not describe him at all.  Watch:

Fair warning: Hunter is not for everyone.

For anyone who would like to see more from Jeydon, you can find him, as well as many other links to blogs and even Official Jeydon Swag, check out his YouTube channel at


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