Chapter 3 – Quartz, Onyx and Ruby

“Wait!” He hopped to my side as I was heading home. “You can’t wander in the streets like that. You’ve got blood all over your clothes and on your face”

As annoying as it was, he had a point. The punctures were still dripping blood and it was obvious that I wouldn’t even walk one kilometre before getting stopped by police and most likely arrested. But still… he’s the one who put me in this situation! And where the hell is he going with that?

“Maybe you should have thought about it beforehand” I said harshly.

“Look… I’m really sorry, ok? I mean it. I still think you’re an ass, but I didn’t want to harm you.”

“Why, thanks!” I rolled my eyes and started walking again, but he hopped ahead of me and stopped me.

“C’mon, just let me make it up to you. We’ll disinfect your cuts, and I’ll find you some clean clothes to wear instead of those bloody ones. Then you can leave and never talk to me again. Deal?”

The struggle was real. The mere suggestion of going to his home would have made my knees weak a few hours before, but at this time? I was really pissed at him and going there was the very last thing I wanted. On the other hand… Rosa would freak out if I came home like this. Sigh… I think I’m cornered here. I don’t really have a choice. I’ll just go there, get the clean clothes, and leave.

“Alright, but only because I can’t go home like this. Lead the way,” I answered in a pout.

I could swear that a slight smile brightened his face when I said that. It lasted one second, but I was sure it was there.

The walk was rather quiet. He made sure to keep his dog on a tight leash, and I made sure to stay a few steps behind. Every now and then, I would notice him glancing discreetly at me. Not quickly enough to be an “is he still following?” glare, not lasting enough to be some sort of remorseful stare. This kind of things is what makes this boy a real mystery to me. At first, he was lovely; then, he was a real ass; and now? I can’t even tell. With most people, you can easily decipher their feelings by their attitude by the way they walk, speak, or look. When it comes to him, I’m facing a black box. Except for the rare times he willingly expressed his emotions in the short time I’ve known him, none of them would surface; and if they did, he’d suppress them right away.

The adrenaline was starting to wear off and with every step I took, the pain grew. I kept my arm immobilized against my chest, as the slightest move would make me wince, and I took a few deep breaths of cold air. It helped me regaining my senses, making my head clear. I wasn’t mad anymore. Upset, yes, but not mad. I mean, of course his dog attacked me, but deep down I can understand that it was just a mistake. He just happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong dog. Just… just like… me. Now I understand why he’s mad at me for what happened yesterday. I also was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong dogs; and if I can’t put things in perspective, how can I expect him to do so? I can see how easier it may have seemed for him to deal with the beating and humiliation by wiping it from his memory as a whole; but I hope he’ll eventually come to the realization that I am not guiltier for yesterday than he is for today. Though, one thing was no mistake: the shoving. And that hurt.

When we eventually reached his house, something startled me. The windows were dark and not a single light was to be seen in the house. No one’s home at this time of the day? Weird… He reached for the keys in his pocket, opened the door and rushed inside; leaving me standing still on his porch, wondering what I should do. After a few seconds, he came back in the doorframe and stared at me suspiciously.

“What are you waiting for? I’m not going to bite you,” he said with a sly wink.

“Very funny… Don’t you want to tell your parents you’re bringing someone over?” I asked as the polite boy I was.

His face dropped briefly, but he was once again so quick to regain his composure that I wondered if it even happened at all. “Don’t worry about that, they’re not around. Come in.”

I stepped in and followed him into a narrow corridor that led us to the kitchen. The house was modest and seemed as neglected in the inside as it was on the outside; nothing like the one I lived in.

“Here, get yourself comfy while I grab the medical stuff” He pointed the table with his finger and left. Okaayyyyy. I grabbed a – wobbly – stool and sat on it, letting my eyes freely wander around the room.

The paint on the walls was starting to wear out; a window was broken and fixed with a plastic bag tapped to the frame; and the furniture was so old-fashioned you’d think they had ordered it at the 50’s store down the street. But honestly, none of this really matters. Back in my old town, I had friends who would be uncomfortable – and this is a real euphemism – being here, and some who would downright refuse to enter the house. Me? I don’t care. As long as the ceiling doesn’t fall on me, I’m alright with it.

He came back shortly after with a metal box under his arm and sat next to me, turning to face me. He put the box on the table and rummaged in it until he found a bottle of surgical spirit, a few compresses and a bandage. He started pouring alcohol on a compress but he stopped when his eyes crossed mine.

“Something’s wrong?”

Damn. Am I so obvious? “Not really… but… maybe you have some Neosporin instead of this?”

He smiled at my request. A real smile! Well, a mocking smile, but the first in too long a while. One that I can enjoy, free to blink without being afraid that it’d be gone when my eyes open again. I was really doing my best to stay upset at him – not for long, just enough to… make a point – but it was a real challenge. Who wouldn’t be charmed by this smile?!

“Sorry Sir, there’s no such thing here. You’ll have to do without it! Man up a little, will ya?” He answered me as he was literally soaking the compress. “Alright, take off your clothes.”

“You want me to what?!” Did I hear him right?

“How do you want to clean your arm if you keep your hoodie on? Take it off and give me your arm”

Ohhhh. Geez. I feel so goofy now. The wince that escaped me as the sleeve rubbed my forearm somehow masked the blush that was building in my cheeks, but I figured that hanging the hoodie at the door behind me would give it enough time to wear off completely.

As soon as I sat back and laid my arm on the table, he placed his hand under my wrist, grasped it and approached the punctures with the soaked compress. He stopped midway, wearing a sly grin that did not bode well.

“Alright, here’s the important question. How do you want to play it? Tough guy or pussy?”

What the…? What does he even mean by that? Before I could figure out what he meant, he stared into my puzzled eyes, his grin widening as his grasp got firmer, and told me “Okay, tough guy it is !” before pouring alcohol right on my forearm, aiming for the punctures.

“What the… OWWWWWW! FUUUUUCK!!” I yelped and jerked my hand back the very second I felt the stinging and flaming pain overwhelm me.

I was unable to stay still, wiggling on my stool and trying to make the pain stop by waving my arm in every direction. I could feel the burning liquid seeping into my bruised flesh, the pain increasing as alcohol, drop after drop, travelled deeper. In fact, I think waving my arm made it even worse, as my solicited muscles made room for more alcohol to seep in.

As the pain eased, I noticed that this jerk was actually laughing. Not a slight snickering, but real laughter. I clenched my fist and gave him a half-playful, half-genuine, punch in the shoulder. “Bastard!”

“Ow! Now, that was mean!” He looked at me with a feigned pout on his face but betrayed himself when a last snicker he couldn’t suppress escaped his lips.

“Says the guy who unleashed his dog on me,” I pointed out.

His pout became more genuine and mixed with… concern? “Come on… That’s not fair. It’s not like I told him to do so, he just acted on his own. I even yelled at him to stop but he didn’t listen. Besides… you and your friends have not been really nice to me either”

Oh geez, here it goes again. “Meh… I told you, they aren’t friends of mine anymore. I’m really sorry about what happened. They’re real jerks”

I tried to lock my eyes into his as I came clean, but he fled my glare and didn’t answer. Instead, he picked a new compress, poured some disinfectant on it and approached my wounds with it. My arm was still sore from the burning shower and there was no way I’d undergo this hell again. I mean, I could just leave it like that and hope it’ll heal by itself. Who needs two arms anyway? I tried to move my arm out of his reach but he was faster than me. He took a gentle grasp of my wrist and placed it on my knee, my hand resting on top of his. Wow! His hand was so warm! I jerked a bit from the contact, the sensation sending tingling through my whole lower body. I’ve never had any experience with boys – or girls, for the record – this was totally new for me! Those so unique shivers that travel you in these moments…I think I’m already addicted.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle this time,” he assured me, his bright eyes revealing his sincerity.

He applied the compress very delicately, hardly brushing against it at first. My eyes were closed in dread, bracing for another painful experience. But to my surprise, it didn’t hurt. He definitely was gentle. He was staring at me when I opened my eyes, but for once… he didn’t look away.

“See? It doesn’t hurt. Now, brace yourself, I’m going to actually touch you.” He snickered.

Wait, what? I looked down and indeed, the compress was a few inches away from the punctures. Sigh… I’m such a dork sometimes. His hold softened and he started rubbing ever so gently with the compress, doing his best not to harm me; but as gentle as he was, the pain returned in a heartbeat. It was more bearable than what he calls “the tough guy way” but even so, I couldn’t suppress the winces. I struggled as hard as I could to keep my eyes open, to enjoy diving into his for as long as he would allow, but the stinging was too intense.

“Shouldn’t you call your parents? I mean, it’s dark outside, they might be worried,” he wondered, trying to get my attention off the pain.

I giggled “I don’t think so. My dad has been summoned somewhere in Asia and my mother won’t be home before midnight, if she even does. I’ve sent a text to my nurse on our way here though, so it’s alright.”

“You have a nurse? For real? I’m sorry, should I have bowed when we first met or something?” Hah! The playful boy I knew was back. Take that, Hyde!

“Ah. Ah. Ah. Very funny again. How about yours?”

“Hmm lemme see. Nurse? NURSE?” He called out in the house. “Nope, none here. That’s what I thought.”

“I was talking about your parents, smartass”

He got up to throw the compress in the bin and answered casually “My mum is not around anymore; and my dad is probably laying drunk on the floor of some dingy and foul bar downtown”

My smile disappeared in a blink. His mum is not around anymore? Does that mean…is she dead? Awwww… It made me feel so sad for him. I know what it is to live without your mother, but I still see her every now and then; I can’t imagine how painful it must be for him… especially if what he told me about his dad is true. I don’t know what is up with me and hugging people, and now is one of those moments I just want to tackle him down and hug him very tight. Not “fun” hugs, just… genuine and caring hugs. Protect him from the world. “Oh damn, dude… I’m sorry.”

He picked up a bandage, looked right into my eyes and asked cynically, “Why? Did you pay for the truck driver’s drinks?”

The question left me dumbfounded. “Wh…how…What?! Of course not!”

“Then keep your apologies for yourself. Gimme your arm.”

What the hell just happened again?! This boy amazes me. How can he be so lovely, playful and – in his own way – caring one moment and become such a cynic and sarcastic jerk the second after?

To my great disappointment, his hand left my knee as he raised my arm and started wrapping it with the bandage. His gestures were so careful, so gentle, that it required all his attention. I made the most of it and took a long, good, shameless look at him. His beautiful bright eyes were squinted in an attempt to make his motions as accurate as possible; his cheeks, still faintly rosy from the cold, looked soft as a peach and only his tender cherry lips, that he was slightly biting, looked more kissable. My eyes lingered on them, wondering what they must taste like; wondering if it would be the mind-blowing experience I imagined. Not even his black eye, or his swollen arch, could make him look less attractive in my eyes. I unconsciously half-closed my eyes, diving in daydream; diving in a fantasy world where his hand would delicately land on my cheek, brushing it as he would lean closer and closer… letting a slow and gentle kiss linger on my lips. The kiss, slow and gentle at first, would get more passionate as…

“Ouch!” My dream faded instantly and my eyes burst open to a grinning Nathan, his thumb pressing on the oversensitive spot of my forearm. “Why did you do that?!” I asked him in a whine.

“That’s for not listening to me when I’m talking to you.”

Wait what? Geez, I really have to stop phasing out like that. “Sorry, I was thinking about something else.”

“Yeah… something” he snickered. “I was telling you that you’re all wrapped up. Now come with me, we’ll find you a shirt that won’t make you look like a freaking serial killer” He got up and headed to another room of the house but stopped midway. “Oh… By the way, you might want to “relax” a bit before following me. I’ll be in the third room on the right” He added with a giggle.

What does he even mean by “relax”? I tried my best to give some sense to this suggestion and attitude, but it was hopeless. Bah. I shrugged, stood up and slipped the stool under the table. Taking a look at my shirt… damn, I do look like a serial killer! It wasn’t soaked in blood, but the stains were enough for anyone to freak out at this vision. And the…. Oh god. My cheeks started to fill with that embarrassing and burning shade that I despised so much. So that’s what he meant by “relaxing”. The most shameless, fabric-tearing bulge was tenting my pants. I so hope he didn’t notice! I mean, maybe…. maybe he was snickering for something else? Maybe he used “relax” by coincidence? Maybe… sigh… It doesn’t even sound credible in my head. He definitely saw it.

I tried everything I could to make “it” go down, from thinking about the usual disgusting or sad things – grandmas, sad puppies, my mathematics teacher, etc. – to pressing on it. Let me tell you that this latter was definitely not a good idea; it probably made it even worse. As for thinking about “limping” things, it wasn’t really useful either. The very second I’d close my eyes, I’d be drawn back into my dream world; his sensual kiss being the only thing I could picture at that time.

Still struggling to get my passion to cool down, I jumped when he burst into the room and grabbed the first thing that was within reach, using it to mask my embarrassment – before realizing that concealing my crotch with a potted plant might actually be even more awkward.

“Dude! My dad is home! Give me your shirt, fast!” The words burst out of him in a quivering rush and panic was dancing in his eyes.

Oh God, oh God! What do I do?! RIGHT! My shirt! I took it off in a fury, almost ripping it in half in the process, and handed it to the snickering boy across the… wait. Snickering?!

“Why the hell are you snickering?! You just told me your dad was home! Give me a clean shirt before he pops in, fast!”

“Yeah… so I said.” His panic faded as fast as it overwhelmed him, replaced by a playful grin and glittery eyes. “Actually, you were taking an awfully long time, so I figured you needed help with… that” He said, pointing the now deadly flat front of my pants. “And it looks like it worked.”

Did he just bluff?! I can’t believe the bastard tricked me! I tightened my grip on the shirt and whipped him with it. He protected himself against my repeated attacks by covering his head with both of his arms and, in some kind of unique destabilization attempt, started laughing genuinely. His laughter was so contagious that I couldn’t help but let out a few giggles myself, which was my greatest mistake. All of the sudden, he grasped my hand mid-air, stopping the incoming charge, wore a serious face and raised his finger. The time itself seemed to have stopped; our eyes were locked into each others’ as I wondered what he was planning to pull this time.

“Hey! Behave, now!” He obviously was trying his best to maintain a straight face but I could tell – by unfortunate experience – it was fake.

“Or else?” I didn’t drop my smile for a bit when I asked half genuinely, half playfully, the million dollar question.

“Else… Else… C’mon! I didn’t think that far, I thought doing big eyes would be enough. Can’t you just play along?” he whined in the poutiest way.

“Unh-unh! You wanted to play it tough, deal with it,” I snickered before picking up where I left off.

The laughter resumed, but stopped abruptly a few seconds later. His eyes popped wide open and the brightness of his face disappeared with his smile.

“Wait, stop it dude,” he whispered in a serious tone while straightening himself. His eyes stared past my shoulder “Hey, Dad. I wasn’t expecting you this early.”

Those few words made me freeze. My legs got numb in a blink; the only thing that kept me from sliding to the ground was the fact that it’d make the situation awkward – I mean, more awkward than “just” walking in on your son and a half-naked boy playing together in your kitchen.

I slowly turned, dreading for his reaction, to greet him. “Hi, Mr Del….” Okay. No one in sight. I assumed he probably went somewhere else in the house, but there were no noises of another human being. Except maybe those chuckles coming from behind me. From behind. Arrrgh! He tricked me AGAIN! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on… you, still!

“You sneaky bast…” Before I could finish, and before I could even actually face him entirely, I felt his lips tenderly land on mine, muffling the rest of the curse. My eyes burst open and I was so startled that I gasped for air. He’s… he’s kissing me! Granting access to those soft, and as delicious as I imagined, lips. That taste, so unique and sweet, was driving me crazy; numbing my whole body, from my toes, clamped to the floor as an anchor to the reality, to my eyes slowly closing as I abandoned myself to this mind-blowing moment. The shirt slipped off my hand and I cautiously, very slowly, reached out for his side; but before my hand could rest on it, he backed up. A whine involuntarily escaped my lips and I opened my eyes, hazy from the delightful experience, to his smiling face, slightly twisted by a look of shock.

“Hey! That was an “or else”, you’re not supposed to enjoy it!” he grinned.

My eyes dropped to my feet and I mumbled, “I wasn’t enjoying it…” I could tell that he wasn’t buying the lie; my cheeks, burning so much from the embarrassment that I was expecting the house to catch fire anytime, and my incessant fidgeting made me a poor liar.

“I have to make this one better then.” With a cocky grin, he delicately placed his hand on my hip, the warmth and smoothness of his fingers overwhelming me with tingling, and he leant in again. My eyes closed themselves, as if they had a mind of their own, as I was already sent to heaven by the feeling of his hand on my bare skin, and I braced myself for the wonderful kiss I was expecting. The few seconds separating our lips seemed like hours; the excitation was building so strong that my palms were getting sweaty. I can’t wait anymore! This is taking way too long for my tastes! I opened one eye, very slightly, and peeked to see what was taking him so long.

Good thing I’m not really a patient boy, because I would still be waiting for that kiss the day after. He had stepped back and was now casually leaning against the sink, grinning at me from ear to ear. I opened both of my eyes, a slightly amused and annoyed look on my face. This boy is definitely driving me crazy. “Sigh… What am I going to do with you?”

“I have a couple ideas,” he said with a giggle, laying his free hand on my other hip and pulling me closer.

There is no way on earth I’m closing my eyes this time! I kept them suspiciously locked on him as he stepped closer. He closed his eyes and leant, ever so slowly; I could feel his warm breath as he was getting closer and closer, his grip tightening in the gentlest way, until the long-awaited moment when our lips finally made contact.

Wow! He must have been trying his hardest because if the previous kiss made me weak in the knees, this one lifted me off the ground, straight to cloud nine. I closed my eyes and let him take me in whatever fantasy he had planned. We made out timidly for a while, but the slow and gentle kiss soon turned into something more passionate, more desirous. My hand reached for his neck, holding tight on it as I was afraid my legs wouldn’t withstand the ardent lip lock and the caring caresses of his hands on my sides. Then, slowly, cautiously, his tongue made its way to my lips, briefly lingering there for some sort of approval. I’ve never done it before, but his loving rubs, now roaming my back, made every fear I could have disappear in thin air. My tongue hungrily joined his in what became a ballet of desire, dancing passionately as if they had done it a thousand times before.

His touch was driving me crazy, my passion growing with every wave of warmth and shivers his fingers would send through my aroused body. He pulled me even closer, our chests now touching and beating in unison. I could feel his fast heartbeat, the short and warm breaths on my cheek; the sensations made me crave for more. The soft whimper that escaped my lips was music to his ears, and his kissing became more frenetic, almost animalistic. I slid my hand, from his neck to the neckband of his shirt, and ran my finger along it in a feather touch, teasing him for a few seconds and delighting from the sensations it gave him. His breath quickened, the warm blows growing into lustful panting, and I knew he was enjoying it at least as much as I was. With a soft motion of his hands on my side, and without breaking our lip lock, he brought me ever so gently against the wall. A shiver ran through me as the cold, radiating from the wall, hit me; but I was too aroused to care. We were both panting at this point and keeping up our tongues’ dance was becoming a real challenge. I reluctantly broke the kiss and stood back a bit to look at him, a goofy grin on my face. He was as breathless as I was, puffing as if we had run a marathon, and staring intensely in my eyes. We shared the same dreamy haze, and his silver eyes were sparkling of…of…lust, of course, but there was something else I couldn’t describe.

“Thank you for checking up on me today. I know I’ve been an ass, but it meant a lot to me,” he said softly.

“Awwwww…” I wrapped my arms around his neck, flouting the pain it caused, and placed a kiss on his cheek.

He backed up with a funny look on his face “Hey now, don’t “awwww” me!”

“I…can…awww…you…if…I want…to!” I answered, delivering a few pecks as he was struggling to avoid it.

A sly grin grew on his lips “Geez…and they said *I* was gay!”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Go ahead.”

“How did you know about me? I mean, that I was… what I am”

“What do you mean?” He knew perfectly where I was going, but it looked like he found another occasion to tease me.

“Well… that I am gay” I admitted, lowering my head in shame.

He stepped back, not enough to break out of my embrace but enough to show me his puzzled face.

“What? You’re telling me I’ve been kissing a gay boy for the last five minutes? Ewwwwww!” he said, putting on a disgusted look. He pretended to push me away, but I wouldn’t allow it. I tightened my lock and pulled him closer, moving my hands down to his lower back and placing an innocent kiss on his lips. A genuine peck, as if I had to make sure this wasn’t a dream. God, I love the way he tastes!

“How about… we go somewhere more comfy?” he whispered sensually in my ear.

I’m pretty sure that if lust could glow, our eyes would light up the whole neighbourhood at this moment. I was craving for more, and hearing him pronounce these few words made me bite my lip in anticipation. Before I could answer, he stepped forward, breaking the few inches keeping us apart, and shoved himself in me, making me gasp for air when I felt his rock-hard bulge poke me shamelessly. He started snickering and looked down to my groin. I was rock hard, my arousal threatening to rip my pants open with every throb.

“Why do I even ask?” he giggled. “C’mon.”

He kissed me a last time and took a hold of my hand, ready to lead me to his bedroom. But I couldn’t wait anymore. I want him; and I want him right now, right here! As soon as he was turned, I let go of his hand and threw my arms around his chest, pulled him back into my embrace and started assaulting his neck with long and passionate kisses. I placed my hand on his hip, just inches from the object of all desires, while the other was roaming his chest, circling in sensual motions and languidly travelling south; and began a slow and rhythmic grind, using my hand to keep him pressed to me as much as possible. The feeling of my hardness sliding along his crack was driving me, slowly but surely, crazy; I wasn’t even trying anymore to suppress the sensual moans escaping my lips, and it seemed to turn him on even more. He laid his head back on my shoulder and caressed his way to my hair, his hips joining mine in that slow waltz of teen lust. When he thrust his firm and yet so silk-smooth cheeks into me, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I was so hard it was starting to ache, the wet spot in my boxers reminding me of my need for some relief, and my sensual kisses on his neck had turned into greedy licks. I slipped my hand under his shirt and played with his boxers’ elastic for a bit, making him squirm and shiver as his boyish belly tensed and the cutest whimper I’ve ever heard left his lips.

“Wait…” he muttered hazily.

But I couldn’t wait. I had almost reached the point of no-return and I was desperately in need of that relief. I moaned in his ear as sensually as I could, but it was helpless. To my great disappointment, he stepped out of my lock and gave me a quick peck as I grunted with frustration.

“Someone is really horny, hm?” he said with a chuckle, grabbing a handful of my lust. My stare was so intense at this time that I’m still surprised to this day that he didn’t run away. A profound stare of greed, mixed with unconditional love and a dozen other emotions. The gentle stroke he gave me made my whole body twitch and jerk. God, if that’s what it feels like with pants on, I can’t wait to see how it feels like without!

He grabbed my hand, pulled slightly on it to set me in motion and started leading the way. He stopped at the end of a narrow corridor, in the doorframe of a small room bearing as its only furniture a bed, a chest of drawers, a chair and a TV perched on a rudimentary desk.

“Please yourself” he said in a bow.

As soon as I had a toe in the bedroom, he clung to me from behind and wrapped his arms around me. He resumed where he left off, rubbing my groin with his loving hands as I caressed his arm in ecstasy. I twisted myself to get a taste of those delicious lips. Damn, he’s such a good kisser! Kissing him was the experience of a lifetime, and nothing on earth could make me break the kiss. At least, that’s what I believed before he loosened my belt and unbuttoned my pants. When I felt his hand reach down and slip behind the elastic of my boxers, I nearly lost it. The butterflies that invaded my belly were so intense that it felt like there was a whole colony in there; I was literally floating. I couldn’t believe what was happening. He wrapped his fingers around it, skin to skin, and gave me a few mind-blowing strokes that drained the bit of energy that was left in my teen body. I felt as though my knees were being cut out and I let myself fall on the bed, throwing an arm around his neck to take him with me. He straddled me and sat on my thighs, his eyes shining with love.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” I confessed as I took a hold of his hand. “I feel like the luckiest boy ever.”

“I hope you do! Who wouldn’t dream of someone like me?” he said with a smirk. He seductively took off his shirt, granting me the vision of his perfect boyish chest and leant further. He whispered seductively in my ear “And I’m not finished with you yet…” and started licking his way down from my neck, leaving a sensual and cool trail behind.

“Mmmmmm… Nate….” was all I could mutter. The rubbing of his chest on my hardness as he was travelling south was feeling so good that I started a slow grind, raising my slim body off the bed and pulling him into me as hard as I could. When his licks reached my underbelly and he sensually slipped his tongue under my boxers, I nearly exploded. By the time he took those off, I was squirming and wiggling uncontrollably on the bed. It was really too soon for my taste, I wanted this moment to last forever; but when I felt my inches slip softly in the velvet insides of his warm wet mouth, I knew I wouldn’t last long. It was like my whole body had been lifted off the floor, and the feeling of his burning tongue exploring every single inch of me was indescribable, by far the best of my life. I had never really understood all the fuss about it, but now… I think I’m already addicted. God it felt good! He sped up his motions as my whimpers got louder with every loving lick of his, and I had to hold onto his shoulders not to slide down the bed. He was enjoying it as much as I was, and when he moaned again, the vibrations that it sent down my throbbing lust sent me off the edge. “Nate… dude… I think… Hmmm…. I think I’m going to…” But he didn’t stop. He took the hand I reached to warn him, held it tight and used his other one to jerk me. I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life build up, my whole body getting numb except for this one particular area; and when I looked down again… his eyes were still locked into mine, delighting in the pleasure he was giving me… the climax took control of my body. I whined and purred, holding his hand tightly as if it was my only anchor to reality, as he was greedily devouring jet after jet of my warm teen love for him. I was squirming uncontrollably, my whole body tensed up as I pushed myself into the wet heaven of his mouth, for the best seconds of my life. It seemed to have lasted whole hours, yet it was over way too soon for my taste. I was left breathless, numb from head to toe, a dreamy grin on my face. He lied next to me again and nursed me, an arm laying across my chest, staring at me with lovey-dovey eyes while I was slowly coming to my senses to the rhythm of the gentle pecks he’d give me every few seconds.

It took me a few minutes to even remember how to exist after such a mind-blowing experience, but as soon as I did… I had only one thing in mind. I pulled on his arm to get him to straddle me again, but he was totally oblivious.

“C’mon! Get on top” I told him with a wink.

“What for? Are you a freak or something?” he asked with a feigned suspicious look on his face.

I rolled my eyes “Oh, shut up already” and pulled him all the way on top on me until he was sat on my belly. I grabbed his belt and brought him down to kiss me languorously. “Here we go,” I moaned, grabbing a handful of his round and firm buns and giving it a squeeze before going for my prize. My hand roamed on his smooth beginning of a six pack and softly, seductively, never breaking eye contact… reached down. I had never touched a dick before, but I’m definitely doing that again! It was so soft, silky to the touch, and yet hard as a rock; it was wet at the tip and warmth was radiating from it in a greedy aura. I gave it a few strokes, making him wiggle and moan in delight; his lips softening to the point of being a mere spectator in our kiss, only conveying the vibrations of his muffled whimpers, was a unique experience. Not only was he straddling and kissing me and as I served him, but he was also enjoying himself big time!

But as much as I loved having him squirm on top of me under my hand as we kissed passionately, I wanted more. I broke the kiss and, pulling on his jeans, whispered in his ear “How about… you take those off?” He granted me of a delighted smile and stood up on the bed, never leaving my eyes, and started undressing. Once he was done with his jeans, I couldn’t help but rub my hands continuously over the now accessible velvety skin of his thighs and give some attention to the warm globes standing proudly beneath his bulge. He was biting his bottom lip all along, and he was probably craving for what was coming more than me – if that’s even possible. He tossed the last piece of fabric keeping me away from his delicious length and sat down again, playfully waving his throbbing inches in front of my salivating mouth. I wrapped my fingers around it and gave it a few expert strokes that made him writhe in delight before my amused eyes. He gave me an “oh really?” look and crawled closer, letting the wet tip linger on my lips as if it was knocking at the house of pleasure’s door; but I didn’t have such indulgence. I played with him, enjoying the delicious taste of the wet tip, running my closed lips on every inch of it as I was giving it slow and gentle squeezes, until he couldn’t take anymore.

He was panting, trying to keep his balance with his hand pinned to the wall, and with a last grunt of frustration… pushed softly between my lips, eager to welcome him in their wet and velvet depths. I held him there, exploring every inch of him with my tongue, and eventually took him in a long, slow bob. I could swear that his eyes rolled upwards for a second as a high-pitched whimper, that didn’t even sound like him anymore, escaped his lips loud enough for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy our little adventure. He began a tender and rhythmic thrust, his body tensing with every motion, as I sucked him for all I was worth, enraptured by that mouth-watering taste and by that clean scent of vanilla. He was delicious, just as I thought he would be. I’d say I was like a kid in a candy store, except there was no store and it was a unique candy that I was devouring hungrily. He was almost over the edge, his rhythmic motions turning into a more passionate grind; sprawled out over me, his head resting on the wall as his hands were now busy making a loving mess of my hair; his moans, getting louder and louder, were ear candy and loud enough to be heard in the whole house. It was then that I felt his whole body tense up, his pace being more erratic than ever, and I knew it was a matter of seconds before that wonderful time ends. I wished so much that I could see his face, lock my eyes into his when the fateful moment strikes. I started jerking him off again, doing my best to please him as much as possible, and despite the pain… I used my other hand to massage his hairless orbs.

It was way more than he could take, and I felt the pounding pulse of his climax shoot through his shaft as he shoved himself in as far as he could, and I tasted the sweet teen liquids on my tongue as he was experiencing what was probably the most intense orgasm of his life. He collapsed after the few first jets, sliding down to my side, the last drops leaving a cool and sensual trail down my chest, and laid his head, exhausted and drained, on my shoulder.

He stared at me passionately and gave me a genuine kiss on the lips, before laying his head back again. The gaze he gave me was so intense that during this one particular moment, love became tangible in the air. We never broke the eye contact, staring into each other eyes and holding hands with childish smiles brightening our faces. From now on, I’ll wear my punctures with pride. Fate granted me an opportunity that too few people get in a lifetime: love. I paid the blood price, and it was worth it.

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