Coming from Brisbane, Australia (Yes…ANOTHER incredibly beautiful boy model from down under! Geez! What s it with the Aussie boys?) Cooper Chester’s photogenic beauty is quickly making him the new bright eyed phenom on the block. Starting off modeling for Target and Z Streetwear, 13 year old Cooper is now moving towards being a new fixture on the Nickelodeon channel for teens and tweens!

Who knows? By this time next year, Cooper might end up appearing in a sitcom or two, or possibly getting a role on a major show of his own. And who knows where things could go from there? But for now, he’s just having fun, playing basketball and soccer, and working his way to the top!

And occasionally enjoying his new watch! 😛

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Keep going, Chester! And make more videos!!! We wish you the best!

And now…just a random gallery full of complete ‘pretty’ for you guys to enjoy this Valentine’s Day weekend! ::Giggles::


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Coop 1  Coop 2  Coop 3  Coop 4  Coop 5

 Coop 6  Coop 7  Coop 8  Coop 9  Coop 10

 Coop 11  Coop 12  Coop 13  Coop 14  Coop 15

 Coop 16  Coop 17  Coop 18  Coop 19  Coop 20

 Coop 21  Coop 22  Coop 23  Coop 24  Coop 25

 Coop 26  Coop 27  Coop 28  Coop 29  Coop 30

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