Immediately, I look at Tim Luca Schmidt, and I think to myself…this boy needs a serious overdose of ‘Comsie Cuddles’ immediately! Hehehe, I can’t help it! He’s just way too cute!

This time, our Imagine centerfold model is hailing from Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany! (Hehehe, finally! At long last…a really cute boy that Australia hasn’t snatched up from the rest of us yet!)

This young boy model, actor, and influencer on both Youtube and TikTok, is already on the rise in all three fields, and is gaining more and more popularity every day. All he needs to do is stay on the same positive path that he’s on right now…and I really can’t see how he could possibly go wrong.

Tim Luca Schmidt began modeling when he was only six years old (How the HELL do kids have dreams and aspirations at six years old these days??? I was still building pillow forts and trying to figure out how to get my G.I. Joe action figures to stand up on their own! Geez!) and shortly after that, he began his acting career. One that has definitely been gaining momentum ever since.

With staring roles in the TV comedy, “Schmitz & Family”, and the German TV series, “Sankt Maik”, Tim has shown his talent for being as sweet and charismatic on screen as he is beautiful in real life. A talent that has already gotten him noticed by his peers, and has given him multiple actor nominations for his work. Including his win for best young entertainer for the video, “ESTA”, by Zuhause featuring Eric Philippi in 2017. So he’s definitely on his way to the top already, and he’s just getting started.

Also working on a burgeoning modeling career, simultaneously…

Tim Luca Schmidt has also been working with a variety of agencies to promote some very popular clothing lines overseas. And he has even been a part of the Dutch brand, Vinginio’s, ‘Squad’ during their tour of London and Curacao. He has also traveled to the US, and much of Western Europe, including places like France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and The UK. His passport already has more stamps on it than mine does. Hehehe! So damn good job, dude!

On top of everything else, he’s also signed on as a youth advocate for a charity organization called ‘Free2Luv’…which is described as…

“An award-winning, youth empowerment, nonprofit, organization about rocking individuality, celebrating equality, spreading kindness and standing up to bullying through arts and entertainment.”

I mean…is it even possible to have a problem with ANY part of that? Hehehe! Go for it, man! And thanks for putting in the effort to help make the world a better place. We could all use a lot more of that right about now. He’s also a member of the project, “Selber Backen Lassen”…which is a charity involved in…baking? I think. I’m not quite sure. It was all in German. But it was charity, so kudos to you for that one! 🙂

Also a fan of basketball, and learning to play the saxophone (badass)…Tim still has time for his school studies and, of course, for all of his Youtube fans! As you can see in the videos down below!

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Whatever it is that you’re doing, Tim Luca Schmidt…keep doing it! I wish you all the best! Stay beautiful! And, most importantly…stay away from the bad stuff! K? You’ve got a real shot at being something truly special! Enjoy it!

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