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Summer’s coming to an end, which means back to school, work, brain cramps and brain farts. Take a break and find some inspiration, motivation or just a little fun. With Cirrus’s completion of a 30 Day Challenge, we stole him for an interview and grabbed the story he wrote during the challenge, but that’s not all! Find security tips, great continuing stories and one messed up Tabloid entry. Welcome to September, Shackers!

Download PDF: Volume 13

  1. Keep Your Private Files Private!
  2. Family II: Rick’s Fate
  3. My Story: Chapter 2
  4. Unaccompanied Minor
  5. PAIN: Confession
  6. Descendant of Achilles
  7. The Umbrella Incident: Rest In Peace
  8. Comsie’s Fun Facts #3
  9. Uncle Jim’s Gallery
  10. 30 Day Challenge
  11. Humanity’s Endeavours
  12. The Orvus Ultimatum: Journey to Irk Island

Published September 1, 2012

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